GCSE Subject Overview

Our curriculum is a rich and stimulating mixture of subjects, designed to meet the diverse needs of our students and challenge them to reach their full potential. For subject information, read the GCSE Options Guide. For a curriculum overview please click on the subject titles below, and view our subject overview video by clicking on the links in the far right columns.

Subject Subject Leader Email Videos
Art Ms Helen Ryan h.ryan@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Biology Dr Jane Richardson j.richardson@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Careers Ms Suzanne Job s.job@vcj.sch.je Whole School
Chemistry Mr Matt Widdop m.widdop@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Computer Science Mr Ozzy Parkes o.parkes@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Design & Technology Ms Emma Aikenhead e.aikenhead@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Drama Mr Adam Warburton a.warburton@vcj.sch.je GCSE
English Ms Marianne Adams m.adams@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Food Technology Mr Will Gorman w.gorman@vcj.sch.je GCSE
French Ms Monica Perestrelo m.perestrelo@vcj.sch.je GCSE  
Geography Mr Daniel Hodder d.hodder@vcj.sch.je GCSE
History Ms Nataly Miorin n.miorin@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Mathematics Mr Iain Durkin i.durkin@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Music Mr Francis Murton f.murton@vcj.sch.je -
Religious Education Mr Gareth Bloor g.bloor@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Physical Education Mr Sam Habin s.habin@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Physics Dr Steven Cooke s.cooke@vcj.sch.je GCSE
Spanish Ms Monica Perestrelo m.perestrelo@vcj.sch.je GCSE