School Life

Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient and Aspirational

Life at Victoria College is dynamic and varied. We offer our boys a truly enhanced educational experience where they are encouraged to take up as many opportunities as they possibly can, gathering great experiences and creating happy memories of their time here.

On an average school day, we have more than 80 staff and 660 boys in Years 7 to 13 learning and moving throughout our large campus. In addition to normal lessons, we offer clubs and societies and co-curricular activities that add colour and dimension to our school.

Our House system adds an extra a sense of belonging to the school days and provides a team base for a range of activities.

The Tutor System

Each year group has five classes of 23 to 24 students, which have a dedicated Form Tutor who monitors the academic progress, behaviour and welfare of each student. This teacher is the main point of contact for the boys in his class and sees them twice a day for registration. They are also the first and central point of contact for parents and other staff.

Tutors and Tutor Groups 2020/2021







Year 7

Mr B Wanrooij

Mrs M Blackmore

Mr L Batchford

Mr M Smith 

Mrs M Brennand

Year 8

Mrs N Edgecombe

Mrs E Falla

Ms V McGrath

Miss R Hill

Mr O Parkes

Year 9

Miss S Flannagan

Ms C Herrera

Ms R Kane

Mr J Randles

Mrs M Raindle

Year 10

Mrs E Davies

Mr A Warburton

Mrs C Williams

Miss A Matthews

Mr W Gorman

Year 11 Miss R Kemp
Ms M Perestrelo
Mr S Habin
Miss A Robinson
Ms V Videt

The House System

Our five Houses - Braithwaite, Bruce, Diarmid, Dunlop and Sartorius - are named after Old Victorians who served in the world wars and were honoured with the Victoria Cross for distinguished military service.

The House system continues traditions that promote teamwork, leadership opportunities, competition, celebration and community.

Boys from all year groups mix in the House rooms and get to know one another as they put together House teams for events.  

The Housemaster is pivotal in the success of this aspect of College life. They coordinate House activities including volunteering and competitions in sport, music, drama and other areas.

The Housemaster is responsible for:

  • The development of a culture of celebration and achievement
  • The enhancement of a House spirit and "can-do" culture
  • The smooth running of the weekly House Assembly
  • Supporting the allocation of House Tutors with the Assistant Head - Pastoral
  • The organisation of all House events
  • Attendance at and support of House events
  • Maintaining high standards of behaviour within the House and school
  • Annual House charity events

The Housemasters in 2020-2021:

Student Council

We encourage our students to participate fully in their school life and community.

The Student Council allows boys to have their voices heard, to explore issues and solutions and make a meaningful contribution to the development and direction of their school.

At the start of the academic year, each form group or class elects a Form Rep whose role is to represent the views of their peers at House Council meetings and Whole School Council meetings. School Council representatives also take their proposals to the Headmaster and the Senior Leadership Team, so this role provides valuable leadership experience for the boys.

Bistro Victoria

A healthy, nutritious diet is essential for growing and active young people. Bistro Victoria provides hot and cold meals and light refreshment to the staff and students of Victoria College and our Preparatory School. Parents can pre-order meals online, from a set menu, as well as purchase and pre-pay smart cards for College boys to choose and pay for their own food and drink on the day.

Flags and Ties

Our flags and unique ties add to the sense of community here and the spirit of healthy inter-House competition.

The House flag flying proudly on the east tower of the main College building celebrates something different and special each month:

  • September - Winner of the Blomfield Trophy
  • October - Winner of the Knight's Shield
  • November - Winner of House Drama
  • December - House that raised the most funds for their House charity during the previous academic year
  • January - House with the most reward points in the Autumn term
  • February - Leading House in the Blomfield (as at 31 January)
  • March - Winner of House Music
  • April - Winner of House Art
  • May - Overall winner of the Cross Country
  • June - Winner of the Landick Cup
  • July - Newly appointed Head Boy's House
  • August - Winner of Sports Day

Award Ties

The following ties are awarded to boys who go the extra mile and stand out in specific areas:

  • Ten Clubs: For students who gain 10 or more A or A* grades in their GCSE
  • Arts Colours: For contribution to the artistic life of the College
  • Music Colours: For contribution to the musical life of the College
  • Junior Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 7 and 8 College sport
  • Colts Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 9 and 10 College sport
  • Senior Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 11-13 College sport
  • Co-curricular Colours: For showing leadership, personal endeavour and work in the community, outside the curriculum or in the student's own time

Braithwaite / Bruce / Diarmid/ Dunlop and Sartorius Colours:  For significant contribution to the life of their House in Years 11-13