School Life

Our mission is to create well-rounded, resilient young men who have the skills, attitudes and values to be successful individuals who make a positive contribution to society. We aim to:

  • maintain a safe, happy and caring environment based on mutual respect and tolerance
  • nurture a positive and passionate attitude to learning
  • be an academically successful school accessible to boys no matter what their financial background
  • offer academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students to fulfil their highest potential
  • foster an inclusive culture based on personal and social responsibility including spiritual sensitivities

Victoria College Preparatory School  seeks to develop in all our boys a genuine love of learning. All aspects of VCP life offer a stimulating and caring environment. Traditional values are maintained alongside a modern approach to teaching and learning. 

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, delivering all the requirements of the Jersey Curriculum, while emphasising  the cultivation of life skills to ensure that students gain a true sense of self. Creative arts, sport and a vast array of co-curricular activities contribute to a well-rounded education. High academic standards form a firm foundation for continuing success in secondary school and beyond.

Our Core Values :   Respectful.  Resilient.  Resourceful.  Aspirational.

We can only achieve our mission with the support and engagement of all our students, staff and parents.  Together we actively use our Core Values – which guide our daily interactions with one another and our approach to school work:


Behaving in a courteous, kind and polite way towards everyone in the school and the wider community. Listening to and celebrating different views and achievements. Supporting others.


Being curious and brave in solving problems. Facing challenges and learning where to get help and how to help others. Looking for intelligent and inventive solutions and being prepared to try new ideas.


Developing a positive approach to learning and life. Understanding things might go wrong and there is always another way or a different option. Learning when to persevere and when to ask for help.


To set your standards higher and stretch yourself further, and passionately pursue the next level of personal best in everything you do: academic work, sport, creative arts, behaviour or just being a supportive friend.

Belong to one of our five Houses

When the boys start at Victoria College Preparatory School they join one of the five Houses: Braithwaite (green), Bruce (blue), Diarmid (purple), Dunlop (yellow) and Sartorius (red). The Houses were named after valiant Old Victorians, former pupils who fought during the World Wars and were awarded the Victoria Cross.

The boys meet in their House groups once a month, building a sense of belonging and camaraderie from an early age. They quickly become loyal to their House and  work hard to earn points in an effort to win the Hopewell Cup at the end of the school year.  House points are earned through academic endeavours, inter-house competitions in sport, poetry and music and good behaviour.

Boys generally remain in the same House throughout their school career, including when they move up to Victoria College secondary school. They form fond memories and friendships in their Houses that last a lifetime.

School Council – Democracy in action


Even at a young age, we foster a sense of democracy and civic duty in our boys. In Year 5, boys study the Government of Jersey, attend a States sitting and have a parliamentary-style debate. They also have the opportunity to run for election to the Student Council. Successful representatives attend meetings on behalf of their constituents, where they get a chance to have their voices heard and propose practical changes to improve daily school life.


Lunch at Bistro Victoria

All boys eat lunch at Bistro Victoria, which is a cafeteria shared by the students and staff in our senior school. Lunchtime staff ensure that the boys enjoy eating together with good manners. 

Parents can choose to supply a packed lunch or boys can purchase hot food using a pre-paid Bistro Card. Sample menu can be viewed here