Sixth Form students are teaching PE in five Jersey primary schools.

Report from Channel 103:

The college students are giving lessons for five weeks to 125 youngsters from St Luke's, Springfield, First Tower, Grands Vaux and Janvrin primaries.

They have received training, as Vic's PE teacher Adam Lester has been telling us:

"I have trained them up to deliver PE lessons, new, fun games related to physical literacy - so throwing and catching, kicking, but also to develop their behaviour management skills and their confidence and self-esteem in talking in front of pupils."

It has formed part of the college's Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, designed to help students develop additional life-skills in addition to their academic studies.

It is not going to be easy for them. Quite a few of the boys were quite nervous going into the first week but we've spent a couple of months training them up.  Once they got into the schools they realised it was a bit more relaxed and very swiftly got into the lessons.

They have found it a very positive experience." - Mr Lester.

The Sixth-Formers deliver 40 minute multi-sport lessons every Monday and Tuesday. 

Funding has come from government grant aimed at getting people active following the Covid pandemic.

The Connect Me: Connecting our Communities Grant Scheme offers up to £5,000 for projects that offer physical and mental health benefits.

The money has been used to buy equipment for the lessons that will then be donated to the primary schools at the end of the programme.

Victoria College Headteacher Dr Gareth Hughes is pleased the school has been able to help others in the community:

"One of the things that came off the back of the Covid pandemic is that Physical Education lessons were disproportionately affected. 

The time is right, now that the Covid rules and regulations have dropped away, to really invest back in young people's physical health and, by association. their mental wellbeing as well."