Absence Request Form: Years 3-6


Attendance at school is statutory and children are required to attend school for 188 days each year, and every day is important.

In order to obtain permission parents are reminded that:
1. Holiday bookings should not be confirmed prior to gaining approval.
2. Adequate notice of 10 working days is required for applications to be processed.

There will be certain occasions when requests for absences will not be authorised e.g. during exam time, child’s poor attendance record. If request for an absence is not authorised, parents have the right to appeal to the Director General of CYPES.



Absence requested

VCP POLICY: Absence requests

Taking a pupil out of school can be disruptive to a boy’s education and is therefore strongly discouraged by Victoria College Preparatory School.

We do, however, recognise that there are some occasions when an absence may be necessary or beneficial, such as to attend a significant family event, or to take part in a significant extra-curricular activity and the school will normally authorise such absences.

When absences are authorised, parents withdraw their son knowingly taking responsibility for any detrimental impact it has on their education, and staff are not required to prepare work to take away in lieu of that which they are choosing to miss in school. It should also be noted that absences are recorded on each pupil’s statutory attendance record, and repeated absences may draw the attention of the Education Welfare Officers who regularly scrutinise each school’s attendance records.

If planning to take a boy out of school, parents are required to complete the form and submit it for the Headteacher’s attention at least ten working days in advance of the absence requested.

Should parents choose to proceed with a holiday without the Headteacher’s approval, the responsibility for this decision lies with them and it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Last reviewed by Dan Pateman, Headteacher (March 2021)
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