At Victoria College, we understand the journey from starting in Year 7 to finishing school post 18, can be bewildering, for both you and your child. There are choices to make, at Key Stage 4 when making GCSE option choices, making post 16 decisions and finally supporting choices post 18 with your child. 

You can read all curriculum and course information in our Key Stage 4 section and our GCSE and A Level option booklets. Within this information there are career pathways identified by each subject. 

There are many websites out there with advice, guidance and information on careers and further education.

We have tried to break this into sections appropriate to your child’s age.

Parent and Student information and advice from the National Careers Service

Talking Futures 

Year 9 Options booklet

Year 11 Options booklet

Year 12 Parents booklet

University Student Finance

There are some helpful links below, which should support you, should you wish to do further research.


Career Alchemy

Success at School