A powerful partnership

Victoria College is more than just a school, we're a community. A strong partnership between student, parent and staff is ever more important on the journey through the world of exams and big decisions such as choices on subjects and higher education options. In the Sixth Form, there is a subtle and vital shift in the dynamic of this partnership. The student is now in the driving seat, with his parents and teachers alongside him to facilitate and support his increasingly mature and independent approach to learning and developing of his prospects.

In Years 12 and 13, our students form the integral core of our peer leadership network. Traditional Prefect roles are available alongside a diverse array of leadership opportunities. There is often a clear, defining moment in the Sixth Formers’ minds when they become aware of just how much the younger boys look up to them. With this transfer of responsibility as well as certain liberties, they sense that they are trusted and assume a sense of leadership, preparing them for the self-discipline and sense of self-direction they’ll need as they head towards higher education and working life.

Our aim is to build on the skills and confidence each Sixth Former has secured during Key Stages 3 and 4 so that they are equipped to take on further challenges and opportunities throughout Years 12 and 13, and then beyond College. We want our boys to continue to feel confident and capable as they add depth and dimension to their academic and personal development – ready for the future and ready to build a successful future. 

Here are the slides from our most recent Parent Information Evenings: Year 13 presentation and Y12 presentation

For any Sixth Form enquiries, please email Head of Sixth Form, Alan Falle: a.falle@vcj.sch.je

As a learning institution, we are open to feedback and continuously improving ourselves. In January 2018, the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI), the UK body that reviews independent British schools worldwide, published a report on Victoria College and Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP). The report rated student personal development as ‘Excellent’ at both schools. The learning and achievement was rated ‘Good’ at Victoria College and ‘Excellent’ at VCP. Read the ISI 2018 Report.

Sixth Form admissions

If you are aspiring towards higher education and are keen to work hard and achieve at the highest levels, we look forward to welcoming you to Sixth Form at Victoria College. We are a selective school, so your application is determined by your past academic performance and record of attendance and behaviour.

To enter the Sixth Form at Victoria College, you will need a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.8 and a minimum of Grade 4 in both English and mathematics GCSE, which we will expect you to improve and upgrade to a Grade 5 by November.

If you would like to access three full A level subjects, you will also need a minimum GPA of 5.5 at GCSE.

Please note that certain subjects have specific entry requirements. Individual cases may be considered on their merit by the Head of Sixth Form after consultation with Heads of Department.

All prospective Sixth Formers have an interview with the Headmaster and Head of Sixth Form before they can join. Where a candidate is new to Victoria College, a satisfactory reference will be required from their current school.

Students who are already at Victoria College will need to show a good record of good behaviour, attendance and a positive attitude to his studies - or a genuine undertaking to address any issues raised at interview before a conditional offer of a place will be made.

You can register for entry into Sixth Form at Victoria College any time, by completing this form: 

You can read more about our admissions procedures in the Admissions Policy below. For any further admissions queries, please contact Admissions Secretary, Isabelle Cunningham via email: admissions@vcj.sch.je, or call 01534 638222. 


The school fees for Victoria College are currently £2,320 per term or £6,960 per academic year, for the term September 2022 to July 2023. Tuition fees are paid by Direct Debit monthly.   In consultation with the Board of Governors and CYPES, the fees for Victoria College and Victoria college Preparatory School are subject to an annual review each Spring Term in advance of the next academic year.

Monthly Direct Debits are deducted automatically from your nominated account on the first of each month, or the following working day if it falls on a weekend or Public Holiday.







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We are passionate about making a Victoria College education accessible to all of Jersey’s most able and willing boys, so we can offer financial support to families if necessary.  Payment of Fees Policy can be read here.

For all queries related to Tuition fees for either Victoria College or Victoria College Preparatory School, contact Mrs Isabelle Cunningham on fees@vcj.sch.je

Financial support 

We offer a range of means-tested bursaries to support students who would like to attend Victoria College but could only do so with some financial assistance. Bursaries are available specifically to help your family pay all or part of the school fees, especially if your household income is below £60,000.

For more information please read the Bursary guide.  To apply or for any other bursary query, contact Mrs Katya Petty, Headteacher's Secretary via email: hmsecretary@vcj.sch.je or call (01534) 638230. 


There are our key school policies. Please contact us at admin@vcj.sch.je or call 01534 638200 for other school policies, or find general policies on the education section on the Government of Jersey website.

To request a leave of absence, please complete the following form at least five working days before the start date requested.

Please see the College's Policy on the determination and submission Teacher-Assessed Grades for our two examination cohorts (Years 11 and 13) in the summer of 2021.

We know the key to a successful education is a strong partnership between parents, students and the school, so we warmly welcome both boys and their families. We encourage parents to be involved as much as they would like and are able. Your views, time and skills can really make a difference and further strengthen the school community in a variety of ways.

  • Join our Parent Association
  • Offer feedback via our online surveys
  • Become an elected parent representative on the school's Board of Governors

For more information on our Parent Association and Board of Governors, explore Our People & Community