Where are they now? 

Alumni Programme 

Victoria College works with the Old Victorians Association to develop a sustainable alumni community. This engages both this year’s leavers and former students – using a secure online platform to support that connection. 

We aim to embed alumni engagement across the fabric of the school and lives of the students so that the Victoria College’s network is sustainable and accessible for generations to come. 

If you are a former student and you wish to join please click here.

Have a list of OV’s who are willing to become mentors with their email addresses so that I can direct students to these people to create a link or ask to join them on LinkedIn – can we do this? 


One of the ways that we look to improve our careers provision is to regularly monitor and review our destination data. The Careers and Sixth Form Team support students during their post 16 & 18 transition. We also do our best to track student’s destinations for three years after they leave school. It’s always lovely to catch up and see what our students are doing and to invite them into school to share their experiences and inspire the next generation. 

We take care to support students that have left Victoria College and offer a service for all previous students to call or email the careers team if they feel unsettled, or unsure of the choices they made or are not receiving the support they need to succeed. 

Our students move on to a variety of destinations including apprenticeships, employment and university. The chart below shows what our xxx Year 13 leavers went on to do. 

Have destination spreadsheets on here 

Need profiles on 6 of our past students – possibly (have loads)

Will Southall - Anaesthetics 

Henry Job – Primary School teacher 

Julian Hart – Merchant Navy 

Leo Olsson – Tik Tok Creator 

David Bourne - Actor 

Tom Godfrey – Crop applications Advisor