Staffing Changes for 2021-22

Leadership Team 

  • Mr Patrick Crossley (Deputy Head),  
  • Mr Anthony Griffin (Assistant Head Pastoral),  
  • Ms Karen Palfreyman (Assistant Head Academic),  
  • Mr Alan Falle (Head of Sixth Form and also overseeing Key Stage 4 to 5 transition)  
  • Ms Rebecca Kane (Senior Teacher – Staffing and Operations),  
  • Ms Parmjeet Plummer (Senior Teacher – T&L, and Staff Development), 
  • Mr Matthew Smith (Senior Teacher – Ethos and Culture),  
  • Mr Tom Smith (Senior Teacher – Student Support),  

Staffing Body

  • Mr Kieran Akers (Head of Design Technology), 
  • Ms Paula Andrews (Clerk to the Governors), 
  • Mr Sam Coe (Head of Chemistry – parental leave cover for one term) 
  • Mr Iain Durkin (Braithwaite Housemaster),  
  • Mr Nick Falla (Teacher of Chemistry – parental leave cover for one term) 
  • Mr Sam Habin (Director of Sport),  
  • Ms Angela Matthews (Timetabler),  
  • Ms Dawn Murphy (Deputy Head of Sixth Form),  
  • Mr Russell Peters (Teacher of Physics) 
  • Mr Richard Picot (2nd in Department for PE) 
  • Dr Jane Richardson (Head of PHSE and KS3 Enrichment),  
  • Ms Liz Smith (Head’s P.A.) 
  • Ms Olivia Varney (Academic Lead – KS4),  

New arrivals to the VCJ team 

  • Mr Dan Hodder (Head of Geography) 
  • Ms Alicja Raffray (Counsellor) 
  • Ms Holly Shrimpton (Teacher of Key Stage 3 humanities) 
  • Ms Lorna Swanwick (Laboratory Technician) 
  • Mr Jamie Thomas (Teacher of DT) 
  • Mr Adam Lester (Trainee Teacher - Sport)