Island Wide Activities Week for VCP

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Amongst the activities were:

  • Beach days at La Rocque, Le Hocq, St Brelards and Greve de Lecq. Boys carried out some rock pool rambles activities and found lots of wildlife, went on a scavenger hunt and created some beach sculptures. 
  • Days out with Jersey Adventure - the boys showcased their aim and strength in archery, their fighting spirts in paintball and their inner Bear Grylls whilst foraging for edible plants. 
  • Fun filled days of beach games, bell boats, swimming and coasteering! Some boys (and teachers) really challenged themselves today by throwing themselves off some very high rocks!
  • A day trip out to Les Ecrehous with Jersey Seafaris. The boys learnt some history of the North Coast, went inside some caves and saw a variety of wildlife, including: Doplhins, Atlantic Grey Seals, Common Terns and Gannets!