Foundation Partners

Building Successful Futures Together

The Foundation was launched in 2002 as part of the 150th anniversary of the opening of Victoria College. It was related to support the ever-changing needs of school life and help sustain the long-held tradition of providing quality education for all. It plays a vital role in fundraising for capital projects that allow the school to continue to expand and enhance its facilities to meet the needs of our boys, the school and education in general.

Our Foundation Partners contribute financially via a minimum sponsorship of £7,000 (renewable annually), which is approximately the cost of a year's school fees. These much valued funds go towards funding bursaries (we currently support 53 boys on a range of full to partial bursaries), enhancing our facilities, supporting our students and staff with additional equipment or activities that enhance their learning (when not covered by our school's budget) and maintaining the Old Victorian alumni network.

Importantly, our Foundation Partners also contribute their time and expertise to our student's career development by taking part in our Careers Fairs, Careers Speed Networking event, mock job interviews and more. They attend our school events, such as our Founder's Day Celebration Assembly for the whole school, Prize Giving Assemblies and more. In addition, from time to time our Foundation Partners support specific events (e.g. Saltgate's Promoting Healthy Young Minds Conference) and activities (e.g. Rathbones' support of our Old Victorian sporting teams), in line in with their organisation's CSR strategy and goals. 

In working closely with the school and becoming an integral part of school life, our Foundation Partners are not only contributing to Victoria College, they are vital investors in the education of Jersey's young people and in the future of the island's workforce and talent. 

To find out more about becoming a Foundation Partner, the benefits of which are outlined in our Foundation Partners 2021/22 booklet, contact us: or flick through the brochure below.