The seniors are not entered into the British Schools Smallbore Rifle Association (BSSRA) leagues as they sit the traditional public examinations then.  However they are expected to shoot at least once a week in the range at school to keep their skill levels up. Three junior teams competed in the above leagues, the A team won Section C Division 1; the B team's final result in Section C division 2 didn't seem to catch up with us, and the C team won Section C division 3.



Those who demonstrated the necessary skills on the indoor range at college, were invited to attend the Basic Skills course run at the end of February with a view to joining the school fullbore rifle team that competes at Bisley, the most prestigious rifle range in the world.  Victoria College has competed in the NRA Schools Meeting for more than 100 years. Prior to leaving for Bisley, the school fired the annual match against the Old Boys on Sunday 19th June. As the Veterans team of eight fielded five Commonwealth Games shots it is not surprising that they won by a comfortable margin, however the boys acquitted themselves well.  Cameron Pirouet achieved the top score for the school, 102.12.






Saturday 9 July

The team traveled to Portsmouth on the overnight boat.


Sunday 10 July

The early morning arrival at Portsmouth was followed by a leisurely drive in convoy up the A3 to reach Bisley before 09.00.  The day was spent putting the rifles in the armoury, registering at the NRA offices, collecting the paperwork, preparing all the equipment and showing the new members of the team around the camp and ranges.


Monday 11 July

Reveille at 06.00, breakfast, minibus to the armoury, draw rifles, drive to Century range, unload kit, take to 300 yard firing point and prepare for Message 1 at 08.30.  Everyone then shot, coached or register kept all morning with a 30 minute break mid morning. Bag ration lunch was eaten on the range after moving back to 500 yards. Tom De La Cour had best score at 300 yards, a highest possible score (HPS) of 35 with 3 V bulls.  Period C, the first session of the afternoon was shot in difficult conditions.  Jamie Robinson headed the list with 32.2.  We then moved back to 600 yards for the final session of the day, Period D. Charlie Gicquel was top this time with 34.2.  Cameron Pirouet had the best Aggregate for the day with 97.7.  Despite the long day on the range, the rifles had to be cleaned quickly and returned to the armoury to avoid the queues there and at the cookhouse where hundreds of Cadets were jostling for position.  The evening was spent inspecting the scoreboards to check scores and see how we had done in relation to approximately 400 cadets.


Tuesday 12 July

Period A was fired at 300, Alex Tucker was top score with 34.3.  The second session of the morning, Period B and the first session of the afternoon, Period C was fired at 500.  Alex Tucker scored another 34.3 to head the list again.  At the last session of the day, Period D at 600, Alex scored his third 34.3 of the day, however Jack Scambler this time was top score with 34.5.  Alex Tucker had the best aggregate of the day, 102.9.


Wednesday 13 July

Period A at 300, B at 500, C & D at 600.  Cameron Pirouet was top at 300 with 35.4, he was top again at 500 with 34.4 and Alex Tucker was top at 600 with 33.2.  Alex once again had the highest daily aggregate scoring 101.8.  Cameron Pirouet and Alex Tucker shot for the Athelings v the Canadians in the first stage of the Rex Goddard match during the morning; they scored 68.6 and 66.5 respectively.


Thursday 14 July

The culmination of the Schools Meeting, all schools compete for the prestigious Ashburton Shield first competed for in 1860.  In the Cadet Four, Jamie Robinson scored 92.3, Alex Methven 89.3, Tom Garfield-Bennett 84.3 and Will Wycherly 81.3.  The Ashburton VIII scores ranged from 98.7 to 72.2 making a total of 729.37, 15 points behind Elizabeth College, who therefore won the Haines Shield.  Jack Scambler shot the Spencer Mellish and scored 46.3 to finish 5th=.



Ashburton     VC 10th    (Elizabeth College 8th 744.35.)

Cadet Four     VC 5th    346.12

Cadet Pair      VC 9th     173.6

Devon              VC 9th

DSG                  VC 9th

Epsom Trophy  VC 10th

Kinder              VC 8th

Green Howards   VC 10th

Victoria College Trophy    VC 9th

Regimental Challenge Trophies (RSM Milsom Cup)  VC 4th

Army District Challenge Trophies (The Eastern Wessex Cup)  VC 3rd



Cadet 300 yard agg     Alex Tucker   18th

                                          Cameron Pirouet  62nd

                                          Jack Scambler  91st

Cadet 500 yard agg     Alex Tucker    7th

                                          Cameron Pirouet  8th

                                          Tom De La Cour  11th

                                          Charlie Gicquel  61st

Cadet 600 yard agg     Jack Scambler  10th

                                         Alex Tucker  15th

Cadet Monday Agg     Cameron Pirouet  29th

                                         Charlie Gicquel  31st

                                         Tom De La Cour  48th

                                         Alex Tucker  58th

                                         Jack Scambler  94th

Cadet Tuesday Agg    Alex Tucker  7th

                                        Cameron Pirouet  93rd

                                        Tom De La Cour  99nd

Cadet Wednesday Agg     Alex Tucker  13rd

                                        Cameron Pirouet  22nd

                                        Tom De La Cour  72nd

                                        Jack Scambler  74th

Cadet Rifle Agg          Alex Tucker  13rd

                                       Cameron Pirouet  31st

                                       Jack Scambler  85th

Cadet Grand Agg       Alex Tucker  3rd

                                      Cameron Pirouet  42nd

                                      Jack Scambler  48th

                                      Tom De La Cour  75th

                                      Charlie Gicquel  96th

Schools Hundred     Alex Tucker  5th

                                     Cameron Pirouet  45th

                                     Tom De La Cour  78th

Fox Quaich                Alex Tucker  13th

                                     Jack Scambler  14th

                                    Cameron Pirouet  52nd

                                    Dom Neal  61st

                                    Tom De La Cour  68th

                                    Charlie Gicquel  94th

Elizabethan             Alex Tucker  7th

                                   Cameron Pirouet  8th

                                   Tom De La Cour  11th

                                   Charlie Gicquel  61st.

Old Elizabethan Can     Jack Scambler 10th

                                           Alex Tucker  15th

Iveagh                    Alex Tucker  22nd

                                 Cameron Pirouet  27th

                                 Tom De La Cour  29th

Silenta                    Dom Neal  10th

                                 Jamie Robinson  21st

                                Alex Methven  36th

                                Tom Garfield-Bennett  64th

                                Sam Pigeon  75th

                                Will Wycherley  76th

                                Tom Pollard  96th

Wellington           Cameron Pirouet  4th

                                Alex Tucker  57th

Victoria Tankard     Jack Scambler  12th

                               Alex Tucker  57th

Spencer Mellish     Jack Scambler 5th=

Schools Staff           W.O. J-P Fidrmuc  19th



Abadie Cup (1st day)     Cameron Pirouet

Joste Cup (2nd)    Alex Tucker

Marett Trophy (2nd day & 1st Bisley)     Dominic Neal

Murdoch Trophy (3rd day)     Alex Tucker

Mustow Trophy (3rd day & under 16)     Dominic Neal

Barker Cup (300 yard agg)    Alex Tucker

Germain Cup (500 yard agg)    Alex Tucker

Collas Cup (Highest score in Ashburton)   Alex Tucker

Le Breton Salver (Captain)   Alex Tucker

Athelings Trophy (Top score in Cadet International) Cameron Pirouet    

Malet de Carteret  (Most improved)  Tom De La Cour

Pitcher Salver (Traveling Athelings) Alex Tucker & Cameron Pirouet

Douglas Genders Trophy (Imperial Meeting Agg) Alex Tucker

OV Bowl (Agg of VC Cup, 1st, 2nd, 3rd days & Ashburton)  Alex Tucker


In 2016 there were over 40 schools, and nearly 500 Cadets competing.


The Old Victorians team of 5 scored 247.29 to be placed 6th in the Veterans match which was fired immediately after the Ashburton.


In the evening the boys attended a combined dinner with Elizabeth College where our Captain presented the Haines Shield to EC's captain.




Friday 15 July

At 08.00 the Cadet International match commences.  VC combine with EC to form a Channel Islands team to compete against England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Canada over a Queens 1 course of fire. Having won this match for the previous three years we were hoping to extend the winning run to four.  Unfortunately despite shooting well England scored 1 more point.
It is also worth noting that four of the more junior boys meet the eligibility criteria were selected to shoot in the Welsh team and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Cadet International Match

England     819.89

Channel Islands   818.92

Canada     814.86

Scotland     806.80

Northern Ireland     788.73

Wales     764.55


Cadet International individual team scores

Cameron Pirouet     105.14  VC

Alex Tucker     104.12  VC

Seb Robinson     104.8  EC

Oliver Hudson     103.15  EC

Jack Scambler     102.13  VC

Luke Malcic     101.12  EC

Charlie Brewin     101.11  EC

Matthew Le Vasseur     98.7  EC


The individual competitions begin straight after the International match.  There are 3 pre Grand Aggregate competitions held on the Friday and Saturday morning.  The Grand Aggregate consists of 11 competitions starting with the Daily Telegraph and ending with the Prince of Wales the following Thursday.  Distances range between 300 and 1000 yards.




Her Majesty the Queen's Prize

No VC Cadets scored sufficiently to progress to Stage 2.


St George

Cameron Pirouet scored 75.10 in stage 1 and 75.8 in stage 2 for a total of 150.18 to qualify for the final, however he overslept.

Tom De La Cour scored 73.10 in stage 1 and 73.8 in stage 2, for a total of  146.18 which was not quite enough to qualify for the final.


Grand Aggregate

Cameron Pirouet   682.76     163rd

Tom De La Cour     666.59     412nd

Alex Tucker             661.55     474nd

Charlie Gicquel       653.48     535th

Dominic Neal          649.45     568th

Jack Scambler         642.37     606th

Jamie Robinson      697.37     697th

Alex Methven         596.27     714th

Tom Pollard            596.26     715th

Sam Pigeon     586.31     719th


Team matches


Inter-Services Long Range

For the first time for a number of years, there were no VC Cadets selected for this UK Cadet team.


Inter-Services Short Range

Cameron Pirouet was selected to shoot and Alex Tucker was appointed Adjutant.  Cameron fired very well, as did the rest of the team and they won the match by 13 pts, a large margin.  The UK Cadet team winning this prestigious match against the adult teams from the Services was indicative of how strong Cadet shooting is at present.


A.G. Bell

This is the annual match where the British Cadets shoot against the Canadian Cadet team. This year Cameron Pirouet was the only VC Cadet selected and he shot very well. The British team won.



Tom De La Cour and Cameron Pirouet were selected to shoot for Jersey in a team of 12 against all the visiting teams from around the world. Tom scored 102.7, and Cameron 101.7



This is the most important short range international match, where Jersey and lots of other countries from around the world shoot against Great Britain. Cameron Pirouet was selected to shoot for Jersey. He scored 148.16.



Three VC Cadets were selected to shoot for Jersey in this long range international match.  Cameron Pirouet scored 97.6, Alex Tucker 90.3 and Tom De La Cour 87.11.


Jersey Rifle Association's Annual Prize Meeting

24-28 August 2016

The Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting (CCRS) send a Cadet rifle team to Jersey every year to compete in this meeting.  On the last day they compete against a Channel Islands Cadet team for the Cheshire Cup, which was presented by Sir John Cheshire, a past Lt. Governor in Jersey.  The C.I. team consisted of seven VC Cadets and one EC Cadet. Fortunately Cameron Pirouet and Alex Tucker had just got back from the Athelings tour to Canada.  However the strong UK team won comfortably by 19 pts.


Winter term 2016


The usual influx of over 60 new shooters from Year 9 descended on the indoor range from the beginning of September. 


RAF weekend 18 September 2016

No VC Cadets were selected to shoot for Jersey in this match this year.


St Albans Weekend October 2016

This shooting weekend has become a regular fixture in the VC shooting calendar. David Russell who was part of the teaching staff and shooting coaching team before moving to St Albans continues to raise the standard of shooting there year on year. A smallbore and fullbore match was held.


Staniforth (using No 8 Lee Enfield rifles)

Our performance in this competition was disappointing to say the least.  We scored 702 out of 800, the lowest for a long time. The highest score in team was only 96, which normally should be the lowest. Consequently VC didn't qualify to shoot in the second round.


BSSRA winter term leagues

2 senior and 1 junior team competed.  All teams performed below what was expected.


Spring term 2017


BSSRA Senior Individual Championship

Cameron Pirouet and Tom Garfield-Bennett qualified for the final. Cameron finished 2nd & Tom 17th.


BSSRA Junior Individual Championship

Toby Baillon was the only VC Cadet to qualify for the final in which he 13th.


House matches

Stage 1

Bruce 1st

Diarmid 2nd

Sartorius 3rd

Dunlop 4th

Braithwaite 5th

Restal Cup (Stage 2)

Bruce 1st

Dunlop 2nd

Diarmid 3rd

Braithwaite 4th

Sartorius 5th


Malet de Carteret (Individual .22)

All shoot the first stage and the top eight plus ties shoot in the final.  Nine qualified with the cut score being 98. There was one from Yr 13, one from Yr 12, two from Yr 11, two from Yr 10 and three from Yr 9, indicating the standard of those who had started shooting in September. After a tie with Alex Methven, Cameron won the trophy.


BSSRA Spring term leagues

2 senior and 2 junior teams competed with mixed success.


BSSRA Schools National match

The Channel Islands A team, of which four were from VC scored lower than normal and finished last below England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The B team fared rather better, they finished in 3rd place behind England and Scotland.



For the youth of the Commonwealth.

VC were 2nd in the Ffennell Shield behind Gresham's School.



VC was 3rd, a much better performance this year.


Basic Skills (Full bore) target rifle course

4 March 2017

The age for Atheling selection has been reduced by one year. To gain the necessary skills to be able to perform to the necessary level in the NRA Imperial Meeting, and thus selection; we now take the best shooters in Yr 9.  Concerns regarding the smaller stature and level of maturity of the younger Cadets has been completely unfounded as they have acquitted themselves very well. They have also proved to be the keenest and turn up every week to practice, despite the early start on Sunday mornings.




My thanks as always go to Mary Norman for her continued commitment and support to me and the cadets, particularly when it comes to the administration of the teams and competitions.


I must also thank the Headmaster, Contingent Commander, SSI and Director of Sport for their support of shooting within the College.


Richard Benest

Master i/c shooting