Weight Restrictions

It is department policy to restrict weight limits for House rugby matches for safety reasons and in the interest of competition. For school fixtures there are no weight restrictions.

Rugby is a physically demanding sport while also requiring a great deal of technical skill, both of which fall hand in hand. Students arrive at Victoria College with varied exposure to rugby and even while at school, because of rugby's nature, the range of technical and physical prowess can widen further.

Generally, students who have played rugby at their previous school will have an acceptable level of technical knowledge in addition to the required physical tolerance. This puts them in good stead for school team selection, thus widening the ability gap further still from those who have not received as much exposure to the sport.

House sport at Victoria College is an integral part of our 'sport for all' policy, enabling greater access to competitive matches to a wider range of pupils. Inevitably, due to form class size, a number of students will be selected for their House rugby team who have not had the same competitive exposure to the sport. This is either because of the physical demands, that they are still developing technically, or a combination of the two. House rugby will involve up to 50 students. In contrast, school rugby caters for a maximum of 25-30.

Taking these numbers into account, it is not viable for the PE Department to ignore implementing some form of restriction on selection at House level. Good practice guidelines set by the RFU (which are followed by leading UK under 13 rugby competition the Rosslyn Park Sevens in addition to the local St Michael's Sevens competition) suggest imposing weight limits. In doing so, games not only remain more competitive, but all students have the chance to enjoy competitive rugby in a safe environment without the anxiety of playing against more physically imposing and/or technically superior opponents.

It is the departments aim to ensure that as many students, of varying ability, have the opportunity to play and enjoy competitive rugby. By imposing weight limits at House competition level the apprehension that many students have due to the sports physical nature is removed.

The weight limits for House matches are as follows:

Year 7

    Year 8

    Year 9

    Year 10


50.8 kg

    57.2 kg




(8 stone)

    (9 stone)





Any further queries should be directed to Mr Royle (MiC rugby) or Mr M Smith (Director of Sport).