Team Selection and Structure

We are fortunate at Victoria College of having a large cohort of boys to select from, who may have greater technical skill, physical prowess and subsequent enthusiasm towards competitive rugby than others.

Our 'sport for all' policy extends beyond our pupils, as we have a responsibility to not only develop and encourage our own pupils, but those at other schools also. Without our opponents we would not be able to offer competitive rugby to our pupils.

Our department has therefore implemented the following structure to help aid the continued development of school rugby across the island: 

Year Group


Team Name

Year 7

2 equal teams

'Hoops' and 'Colours'

Year 8

1 team

Year 8

Year 9

1 team

Year 9

Years 10 and 11

1 team

2nd XV

Years 11 to 13

1 team

1st XV


In addition, the coach may select their side as a result of prior conversations with the opposition based on their ability level, selecting a side that will provide the best possible and competitive match for everyone involved.

Further, during matches the coach may impose restrictions on their team to 'manage' the match so that it remains as competitive as possible. This may include playing with limited numbers, asking boys to play out of position, or even imposing stricter application of The Laws to one team or individual players.

We trust that both pupils and parents will support all of the island's schools in our attempts to bolster youth rugby in Jersey, fulfilling its core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

Any further queries should be directed to Mr Royle (MiC Rugby) or Mr M Smith (Director of Sport).