The main athletics events for the summer term are:

1. Athletics Club -  every Tuesday night to give pupils the chance to practise or try something new.

2. The JSSSA INDIVIDUAL'S Championship -  open to Y7-9 pupils. Pupils see a member of PE staff to enter an event. Pupils must make the minimum entry standard to enter the event.  Monday 14th May - Track heats, Tuesday 15th May - Field events, Wednesday 16th May - Track finals.

3. The JSSSA Boys School's Cup - open to Y7-10 pupils. A TEAM event where the College form a Y7-8 (Junior) team and and Y9-10 (Colts) team. Individual performances are equated to points; the team with the most points win -  Wed 6th June 2018

4. The Hutchence Cup - a match vs Elizabeth College, Guernsey.  Wednesday 27th June 2018

5. Sports Day - the last Inter-House event of the year.  Thursday 12th July 2018.

Other opportunities include - representing Jersey in an Inter-insular vs Guernsey (selection based on performances in the JSSSA events above).

For any further details on Athletics at VCJ, please contact Mr Royle.