Students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance at Victoria College and we aim for high standards and smartness at all times.

In Years 7-10 boys wear our distinctive gold braided blazer with a College tie. In Year 11 and the Sixth Form, they dress in a mature and business-orientated way and wear plain, dark grey or black suits.

We ask parents to ensure that students attend College correctly dressed. Hair must be kept neat and tidy, cover the scalp but not the ears, eyes or collar. Jewellery, other than a watch or a medical bracelet, is not permitted. 

There will be occasions when boys have other, more specialised clothing and equipment. For instance, they will need Victoria College sport kit and white lab coats science lessons.  All items are available from our uniform stockist, Redvers, in St Helier.

Parents should let us know if their son cannot wear the uniform for some reason and they are urged to name all their child's clothing clearly inside. This ensures items can be returned if they appear in lost property.


  • College Blazer (R)
  • Dark Grey or Black Trousers (R)
  • College Tie with House Stripe (R)
  • Plain White Short Sleeved Shirt (R)
  • Plain Black V-Necked Pullover, (optional) (R)
  • College Scarf, (optional) (R)
  • Black Polished Shoes, (boots and trainers are not acceptable)
  • Plain Dark Grey or Black Socks
  • A Plain Dark Blue or Black overcoat, (no stripes or prominent logos)

 (R) = items available exclusively from Redvers in Bath Street.

Special items

  • Students in Year 11 and above may wear a plain dark grey or black suit.
  • Colours and Prefect ties, awarded by Houses and the College, replace the
    standard College tie.
  • Suitable brightly coloured protective clothing may be worn over the
    uniform when travelling by motorcycle or bicycle.