Senior Prefects

Oscar Le Seelleur

Head Prefect

Oscar Le Seelleur

My journey started when I joined in Year 7 from another school and when I first came here I could not have imagined I would be Head Prefect one day.

In Year 7 I moved to a whole new school system and naturally had to make new friends. This was always going to be daunting but looking back at it, the support of the teachers and the numerous activities with other students made it easier than expected to settle in. I think what really helped was the house system. This makes it easy for boys to work with others from the very start and immediately sets off conversations and enables everyone to mix.

Being a proud Bruce member, I often got involved in all the house events which are always a great opportunity to socialise with the older students or to just have fun doing activities with your friends.

Although I am extremely sporty, my favourite house event is, in fact, house music which brings together all age groups and ranges of talent - some of which is extremely impressive. The atmosphere on the night is incredible and the respect for one another whilst performing is inspiring. It makes the night almost magical. As a Year 7 I always looked forward to these events which made college life more exciting. I still enjoy them to this day.

Having participated in almost every sport possible, I can confirm that the opportunities here are superb. They enabled me to flourish, particularly in football, but have given me a chance to play sports that I wouldn't usually have tried - like hockey.

There are also a huge number of co-curricular activities that cater for most hobbies. The arts, drama and design technology departments are all impressive with brilliant teachers encouraging the students to show off their creative flair.

I originally showed an interest in art and was able to express myself by using the many resources that the school offers. This, coupled with the the rest of the academic subjects that are taught so well here, truly makes it rewarding. Victoria College can help to forge any student into the person they aspire to be.

All these experiences have shaped me for this final year in which I am studying Maths, Economics and Geography. I hope to study Economics and Management at university next year. Without the support of the school, I genuinely don't think this would have been possible and I am extremely grateful for the memories and friends that I have made.

 Ultimately, every student has to choose the school that suits them best as it's about your own experience. However, after seven fantastic years at Victoria College, I can certainly recommend this one. .


Angus Hay

Deputy Head Prefect

Angus Hay

I've been at Victoria College since Year 3 at Prep and have really enjoyed my time here. There have been so many opportunities. I've played rugby throughout the senior school, was in the maths challenge teams and am currently doing A-levels in maths, chemistry, economics and further maths. I'm planning to go to university, probably to study economics. The school has given me a lot of life skills, especially as a sixth former and Deputy Head Boy. I've met a wide range of people and have definitely developed stronger communication skills because of my role. Everything is about communications skills at Victoria College. It's a really inclusive place and very friendly. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would recommend it.

House Prefects 2018-19


Thomas Andrews (Head of House), Fergus Ludlam (Sports Prefect), Angus Hay, Harry Baines, Hamish Barnes, Peter Langlois.


Henry Dowling (Head of House), Oscar Le Seelleur, Marke Battersby, Will Watts.


Andrew Roxburgh (Head of Hosue), Jack Hutchinson, Tom Le Rougetel.


Ed Giles (head of Hosue), Harry Bannister, Felix Carnegie, Jasper Clarke, Ben Smith, Thorston Lane, James Le Conte, Wild Waddington, Leo Waddington.


Keiran Rabet (Head of House), Oliver De Sousa.