Student Council

We want to encourage our students to particupate fully in the life of their school and to ensure their voice is heard clearly. The Student Council has been set up to enable our students to explore issues affecting them and to express their views. We hope our students will make a significant contribution to the development and direction of their school through this process. Student Voice should give students a means by which they can discuss and share opinions, contribute ideas and be consulted on policy decisions, problem solving and other matters related to their learning and the running of their school.


1. Agenda published four weeks before meeting
2. Tutors or Form Rep to lead a discussion on the agenda items with their form group.
3. House Councils made up of Form Reps discuss the Agenda. Minutes sent staff member i\c Student Voice and Head Boy.
4. Whole school Council meets and discusses agenda.

Chair: Head Boy or Deputy Head Boy

Generic Agenda:
1. Welcome and introduction by Chair
2. Minutes/feedback on action points from previous meeting. This should include feedback from SLT.
3. New items for this meeting
4. Close and date of next meeting

Feedback and communication with stakeholders
1. Minutes of student council meeting distributed to members, Headmaster and all staff.
2. A brief summary of the minutes sent to Tutors and council members to be fed back to students - by house prefects or student member.
3. Tutors or Form Reps feedback suggestions for future agenda items from their Forms to staff member i\c Student Voice and Head Boy/Deputy Head Boy
4. Summary to Deputy Headmaster for weekly bulletin

Roles and Responsibilities

Head Boy/Deputy Head Boy
· Chairing meetings
· Compiling agenda
· Writing and distributing minutes

Form Reps
· Representing views of their peers at House Council meetings and Whole School Council meetings.
· Contributing to discussions of agenda items.

Teacher i\c Student Voice
· Administering and facilitating the work of the Student Council.
· Ensuring that meetings are held regularly and that procedures are followed appropriately.

Mr Fallon