Victoria College Parents' Association Constitution (adopted at the Annual General Meeting of 10 October 2007)

1. The Association shall be known as "The Victoria College Parents' Association"

2. The objects of the Association shall be :

a. To co ordinate links between individual parents and staff;
b. To bring parents into school activities;
c. To enable parents to give their views on school policy;
d. Generally to further the interests of Victoria College.

3. The parents, or in their absence, the guardians of any pupil shall be members of the Association.

4. An annual subscription shall be sought from each family represented in the Association from annual school fees and the amount of the subscription and the use of the funds so raised shall be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee for the benefit of the College and its pupils.

5. There shall be an Executive Committee of the Association consisting of :

a. A Chairman, who must be a parent or guardian of a boy currently at College, and who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

i. He or she may serve in this capacity for up to three consecutive years. In the absence of the Chairman the Executive Committee will elect an Acting Chairman.
ii. If at the end of the Chairman's first term of office there is no nominated successor Chairman, the current Chairman may serve for a further term of up to two years, if willing, however at the end of that second term a successor Chairman must be appointed.
iii. In the event that there are no nominations to serve as Chairman, the Executive Committee must appoint a Chairman from within the Committee appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

b. The Headmaster.

c. One parent or guardian elected such that there are sufficient members of the Executive Committee to nominally represent each year group within the College. Each year group representative will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. A Representative may be eligible for re-election annually.

d. A Secretary and a Treasurer who shall both be elected annually by the Executive Committee and who shall ex-officio be members of the Committee.

6. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt in the event of a casual vacancy.

7. The Executive Committee shall not exceed 15 elected members and a quorum of the Committee shall be five.

8. A Committee Meeting shall be convened whenever the Chairman or in his absence the Secretary considers it necessary or on requisition by not less than four Members of the Committee. A Committee Meeting shall be held within 14 days of a requisition being received by the Chairman.

9. An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the first half of each Christmas Term.

10. A Special General Meeting shall be held whenever the Executive Committee considers it necessary or on a Requisition addressed to the Chairman by not less than 12 Members.

11. When a Special General Meeting has been requisitioned it shall be held within 24 days of the requisition being received by the Chairman. All Annual and Special General Meetings shall be convened by printed or written notice which shall be communicated to Members not less than eighteen days prior to the date fixed for the Meeting.

12. In the event of an inequality of votes on any matter before a General or Committee Meeting, the
Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

13. Any amendment to these rules shall be made only where there shall have voted in favour to such an amendment not less than three quarters of the Members present and voting at a General Meeting of the Association.

14. In the event of dissolution, any assets in the hands of the Association shall be transferred to the Headmaster for the benefit of the school at his direction.


October 2007