Examinations are an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. They are also stressful occasions but this can be kept to a minimum if students are prepared. Information on both internal and external exams can be found in the menu on the left.

Candidate Number

Each candidate has their own candidate number which they should learn. Candidate numbers are normally assigned in Year 9 and will be carried forward each year.  This will be used on each exam paper and can be found on their Exam Timetable and Statement of Entry.

Timetable Clashes

Please alert the Examinations Officer if you have a clash of exams exceeding 3 hours. A letter will be sent home detailing the new arrangements.  Students must be supervised at all times when in a clash situation to avoid any breach of security. See the 'Information for Students with exam clashes' document for more detailed information.

Exam Equipment

Students must arrive in the Exam Room with the correct equipment for the exam they are sitting.  Equipment must be kept in a clear pencil case or plastic bag. Students should write in black ink - no gel pens as these do not scan properly.

Mobile Phones & Electronic Gadgets

We advise that students do not bring phones, mp3 players etc into the Exam Room.  If they do they must be turned off and placed in the tray provided by the invigilator. Regulations dictate that they be removed from the exam room prior to the start of exams.


Only water (no fruit juice or fizzy drinks) can be brought into the Exam room. Bottles must be clear and have their labels removed.  Food is not allowed in the Exam room. Diabetics should alert Mr. McNally to their needs.

Arrival Time

Exams start at 8.30 a.m. for morning sessions and 1.30p.m.for afternoon sessions. Students should arrive 15 minutes before these times. If the student is going to be unavoidably late please contact the school. If students arrive after 9.00 in the morning or 2 p.m. in the afternoon their paper may not be accepted by the Exam Board.

Seating Plans

Seating Plans will be displayed in the Main Building corridor on the day before the exam.  Please note where you are sitting to avoid any confusion in the exam room.


If you are unwell or any other problems arise on the day of the exam, please contact the Main school reception.

Late withdrawal from an examination

Re-sits: Should a student decide not to sit an examination, it is imperative that they inform Mrs L Smith, who will need to contact the exam board to withdraw the candidate. Please give her as much notice as possible. Please inform the subject teacher of your decision as they will be able to offer advice and guidance.

For any other queries Mrs L Smith, the Examinations Officer can be contacted at l.smith @vcj.sch.je