Year 9

The careers programme in Year 9 will look at their subject options ( which can be found by clicking on this link),self-awareness, decision makiing, an introduction to Careers Jersey, and further investigation into different careers. You will have allocated time in the IT suites to complete a learning profile using Launchpad, a new online programme. There will be a further session with this programme to look at goal setting and career searches.
Option forms are sent out in the January mailings, together with a DVD explaining each subject and where it can lead. This will not only help you but also your parents.
In addition to this, we also run a day's Enterpirse using a company for the UK and local buisness partners to help teams o students progress their ideas. This day is based on the Dragon's Den programme and students will learn about unique selling points, budgeting, teamwork and presentation. This is a really exciting and energetic day with all students having the oppertunity to explore their strengths.

Advice for Year 9 students can be found at  &   launchpad