Admissions and financial help

Admission at 11+ for boys attending Victoria College Preparatory School

Victoria College has a special relationship with its Prep, which is reflected in the admissions process. Boys from VCP will be automatically offered a place at Victoria College without sitting the 11+ entrance examination on the condition that by the end of Year 5 they have shown that:

  • They are consistently attaining standardised scores of 100 or greater in reading comprehension and mathematics assessments;
  • They are consistently attaining Age Related Expectation in Reading, writing and Maths;
  • They have demonstrated good behaviour and a positive attitude towards learning as evidenced in their school reports, during their time at VCP;

VCP pupils who are not offered a place, but who still wish to be considered for progression to Victoria College may either:

  • accept an interview with the Headmaster of Victoria College who may admit borderline candidates at his discretion;
  • sit the 11+ entrance test and be admitted on academic merit alongside external candidates.

Admission BY 11+ examination

For entry at the age of 11, boys will sit an Entrance Examination in the November prior to entry.Papers will be set by Victoria College in English and Numeracy.

For the security of the examination, past papers will not be issued, however sample papers are available on the school's website ( Completed examination scripts will remain the property of Victoria College and will NOT be released.


The College aims to educate boys who have a commitment to their work and will benefit from the structures operating at Victoria College. For the benefit of all boys at College, students who have a poor attendance, behaviour, or motivation record will not be considered for a place at College. A Reference for each boy seeking admission will be sought from his current school. This will be in the format of a questionnaire that will be simple for the school to complete but will give specific information enabling the College administration to make judgements.

Previous Achievement.

The previous academic achievement of each student will be taken into consideration. Educational attainment data will be requested on the Reference form.

Admission during Years 7-13

Boys wishing to join Victoria College during years 7 to 11 will be assessed using the College's own Entrance Procedure. Entry to the Sixth Form will be by interview and achievement at GCSE level.

Commitment, high standards of behaviour and good parental support will be pre-requisites for entry at all ages and in every case, the final decision on admission rests with the Headmaster of Victoria College.

Appeal process

Any parent who is not satisfied with an aspect of the admissions procedure can appeal to the Board of Governors.


Financial assistance

Bursaries are available to ensure that talented students from all walks of life have the opportunity to pursue their education at Victoria College.

Please find below a booklet outlining the bursaries and scholarships that are available at Victoria College and all the application forms.

If you need any further information about the bursary/scholarship process, please contact Mrs Oldridge on 01534 638217 or email

Please note:  applications for bursaries/scholarships for the academic year 2019/220 need to be completed and received by Mrs Emily Oldridge no later than 01 February 2019.


Click here for the Education Department Transgender Policy for admissions to single sex States schools.