The wellbeing of our students is of utmost importance. We know that students need to feel happy and safe so that they can excel in their learning.

We have embedded wellbeing in school life. It is part of the academic curriculum, through PSHE and in specific Wellbeing lessons. Parents have an important role to play and we ask you to contact us straight away if you have concerns about your son's wellbeing.

School life includes:

Peer mentoring - Sixth Form students are trained to support younger boys and provide a regular link and source of advice.

Peer Educators - Sixth Formers are trained to deliver mental health and wellbing lessons to younger boys, who are more receptive to certain messages from peers. 

Resilience leadership training - a unique course taken by students, their parents and some of our teachers to give a common languages to talk about problems and stress.

Decider Life Skills - helping boys to navigate challenges by giving them strategies to make well-imformed decisions.

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