Support from the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is an umbrella organisation set up to oversee safeguarding concerns for children and young people in Jersey.

MASH includes representatives from States departments and other bodies whose work includes care for vulnerable children and young people. It provides a single point of contact for any who has concerns. Parents can can contact MASH as well as professionals such as teachers and doctors, members of the public and family members.

The MASH allows agencies to work together more closely, ensuring that information is shared appropriately, and that responses are timely and coordinated.

The Jersey MASH involves:

• The Children's Service
• States of Jersey Police
• Health and Social Services
• Education
• Family Nursing and Home Care

Staff from these organisations can be contacted by telephone on 519000 or by email at

They work closely with other bodies, such as Housing and the Probation and After-Care Service. All enquiries are assessed, prioritised and passed on within a specified time frame.

MASH working hours are 8:30am- 5pm Monday to Thursday; and 8:30am- 4:30pm on Friday.

An out-of-hours service will operate at other times: the duty social worker can be reached by contacting either the Police on 612612, or via the Hospital Switchboard on 442000.