Housemaster: Mr D Cox

Head of House for 2017/18: Pierre Sangan
Mascot: Shark
Motto: 'Stamos unito' (United we stand). We win with dignity and lose with grace
House Charity: 2017/18 TBC

Major Honours

Landick Trophy Winners (For Excellence in the Arts)

Landick 2014

Blomfield Trophy Winners (For Excellence in Sport)

Shield 2017

A Brief History

Diarmid House was founded in 2002 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the College. The House was named in honour of Allastair Malcolm Cluny McReady-Diarmid (OV) who died leading his troops in the Battle of Cambrai in 1917.

When the enemy penetrated into his position, with the situation becoming quickly and extremely critical, Captain McReady-Diarmid led his company through a heavy barrage and immediately engaged the enemy, causing numerous casualties and taking many prisoners. The following day the enemy again attacked, driving back another company which had lost all its officers. Leading a counter attack, the Captain again drove the enemy back. It was entirely due to his throwing of bombs that the ground was regained, but unfortunately he was eventually killed by a bomb blast.

While at College, Allastair played 1st XI cricket (his name appears on the cricket shield for 1904 as A.M. Drew). There can be no doubt that his experiences at College and his prowess with the cricket ball influenced his role during the engagement in which he lost his life, gaining the Victoria Cross.

In 2014 Diarmid House won the House Drama and House Music compitions on route to their first major honour, the Landick Trophy. In 2017 Diarmid won, for the first time, the Blomfield trophy for sports.

Diarmid House have superb musicians, artists and sportsmen who all work together, performing admirably and competitively across the board.

Link to BBC Radio Jersey commentary on Diarmid and Bruce House.

Diarmid House are supported by Moore Stevens.

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