The Houses at Victoria College are traditionally our main vehicles for team-building, teamwork, leadership opportunities, competition, celebration and reward. The Housemaster is pivotal in the success of this traditional aspect of College life.

Housemasters organise House Assemblies on a regular basis and all staff and students in that House must attend. 

The Housemaster is responsible for:

  • The development of a culture of celebration and achievement
  • The enhancement of a House spirit and "can-do" culture
  • The smooth-running of the weekly House Assembly as per the published termly diary
  • Support the allocation of House Tutors with the Assistant Head - Pastoral
  • The organisation of all House Events e.g. music, art, sport and drama at Year 7, Year 8, Colts and Senior level.
  • Attendance at House events
  • Maintaining high standards of behaviour within the House and School.
  • The annual House Charity event(s).