Resilience and leadership

02 October 2018

Victoria College has launched a unique new programme to develop students' leadership skills and promote positive mental health. The nine-week course is being taken by parents and teachers alongside the students and it's the first in Jersey to directly involve all three groups. The aim is to build a strong support network around the students.

The project is being delivered by the Resilience Development Company a Jersey-based social enterprise.

Victoria College Headmaster Alun Watkins said: 'Leadership skills and good mental health are key to preparing our students for the future. 36 students, 15 teachers and 60 parents have signed up to the first phase of the programme. Everyone will learn a core set of skills and a common language in which they can talk about their emotions and make plans for the future without feeling vulnerable. We are really looking forward to the benefits this joined up approach will bring.'

David Ogilvie of the Resilience Development Company said: 'The programme is skill-based and very vocational. It's the same corporate programme we deliver to senior teams in FTSE 100 companies and the Victoria College students will have the opportunity to learn key skills that wouldn't be out of place in the boardroom.'

The programme is focused on developing future leaders who understand themselves and have the skills to challenge their thinking and behaviour and where it fits with where they want to go. The bite-sized weekly sessions will be supported by an online Skills Academy and mobile app, that enable participants to access the course and practice the skills at their own pace.

The programme teaches leadership skills to reduce stress and anxiety, navigate setbacks and difficult relationships, promote teamwork and communication and offer frameworks designed to assist students with any barriers to learning.

Mr Watkins added: 'We're aware this programme is hugely sought-after in the corporate sector so we are delighted to be able to introduce it to our students. It is a great way to give them more insight into the skills needed in the world of employment and teaches students about what it takes to become successful leaders in the future.'

Phase 2 of the programme is in the planning stage for January 2019, and will aim to expand this unique opportunity to more students, teachers and parents at Victoria College.