Victoria College House Cross Country 2018

Over 200 runners competed on Saturday 21st April at the annual VCJ Cross Country race. The weather was amazing and every boy, as usual, gave 100 % throughout the gruelling course, demonstrating full commitment to their House. Individual winners on the day were:


Year 7: Casper Whitewood (7DI)

Year 8: Matt Geddes (8Bu)

Year 9 and 10: Sean Adkin (10 Sar)

Year 11-13: Isaac du Val (11 Bu)


Congratulations to Sartorius who were the overall winners, collecting 29/30 of the points on offer. 


                               Overall Results                                


1st                          Sartorius                              29          

2nd                        Diarmid                                23          

3rd                         Braithwaite                         19          

4th                         Bruce                                    10          

5th                         Dunlop                                 9             


A big thank you to the boys who took part; the staff who helped during the morning and also the parents for their support.