Head Prefect Reports on his Summer Expedition

My name is Oscar Barette and I am the Head Prefect for this year. Last summer I travelled to Costa Rica to take part in a five-week expedition with Raleigh International, a charitable organisation that aims to use the youth and energy of volunteers to inspire communities and create a lasting positive change. When I arrived at the field base I was placed into environmental phase where I worked in two different National Parks (La Cangreja and La Carara) for 11 days each, our main goals were conservation and reforestation. This included preserving trails and paths, building bridges for tourists and maintaining the environment for the animals of the park. Whilst in the parks, I slept on the floor on a roll mat and inside a mosquito net and often I was joined in the night by creatures including spiders, snakes, scorpions and the occasional poison dart frog. our expedition finished with a 5-day trek through the tropical rainforest where my group and I completed over 60km with 20kg backpacks, this was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. The whole trip was a phenomenal experience and I made some amazing friends and learned some incredible things, and for these reasons I would highly recommend the organisation, and any trip like this to anyone.