JCG girls join CCF

Girls from JCG have joined the Victoria College Combined Cadet Force for the first time in over ten years, taking part in all activities alongside their male counterparts.

The first intake of three students have completed recruit training and joined the Army section. So far they have already taken part in field craft training and tried the CCF flight simulator. Two are students in Year 13 and one is in Year 10.

The JCG students took the initiative to get girls back in the CCF themselves because they are already keen Royal Marine cadets and wanted more opportunities to get involved in the kind of activities cadets enjoy. They say they are delighted to be able to join the CCF team and are looking forward to a big intake from JCG in May when new recruits from both schools will join.

The CCF Contingent Commander, Squadron Leader Simon Blackmore, said: 'I am delighted to welcome students from JCG into the CCF again. They will be able to experience the full spectrum of challenging activities on offer to Cadets from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.'

The Principal of Jersey College for Girls, Carl Howarth, said: 'We are always looking at ways to expand the opportunities available to our students so it makes perfect sense to rekindle the partnership with Victoria College, especially as there is demand from our students. Working together in the CCF will enrich the activities for all the young people who take part.'

Victoria College Headmaster Alun Watkins said: 'The CCF is extremely popular because it offers something different to other extra-curricular groups. It gives students a chance to take part in exciting challenges, adventurous activities and residential camps backed up by the expertise of the British armed forces. The CCF also helps build young people's skills and confidence so it is very valuable and worthwhile.'

'We are extremely pleased that our two schools will be working together again in the CCF to improve the opportunities for our young people.'