Victoria College Shooting Club


Cadets have been shooting under the auspices of the Victoria College Cadet Corps since 1883. The only shooting to take place is by trained Cadets under the strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced shooting coaches.

Cadet Target Rifle Shooting

Since 1905 the Contingent has competed in the Full-Bore Schools and Imperial Meeting at Bisley. Small-Bore Shooting on the College'sIndoorRangebegan in 1927. The range was refurbished and returned to a 25 yards after a generous donation and renamed the Le Cronier Chapman Rifle Range.

Indoor small-bore shooting take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school for boys in Year 9 and above. Boys have the opportunity to compete in the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting (CCRS) and the British Schools Small-Bore Rifle Association (BSSRA) postal competitions.

From March to September the College competes with the Jersey Rifle Association. Victoria College boys regularly represent Jersey at National and International Competitions.

Bisley Schools Meeting

The Shooting VIII is selected to represent not only the Contingent but the School and indeed the Channel Islands at the Bisley Schools Meeting in July. The highlight is when Victoria and Elizabeth join together to represent the Channel Islands in the Cadet International, in which the combined team in recent years has beaten the home countries and Canada on more than one ocassion.

Imperial Meeting

Following the Schools Meeting Cadets often remain to shoot as individuals with the Jersey Rifle Association at the Imperial Meeting, at which the Worlds best full-bore marksmen compete annually. Victoria College boys are regularly chosen to represent the United Kingdom Cadet Team competing in the Inter-Services Short Range, Long Range and AG Bell matches.


The premier Cadet shooting experience is to represent Great Britain in Canada as a member of the Great Britain Rifle Team (GBRT), 'The Athelings'. Victoria College expects representation in this elite team each year.

Cadet Service Rifle Shooting

Basic training for all three service sections includes the instruction in safe weapon handling of the No 8 Rifle, L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle and for senior Army Section Cadets the LSW. Cadets are only allowed to participate in Life Firing Marksmanship Training (LFMT) and Blank Firing Exercises once they have passed the appropriate Weapon Handling Tests.