2017/2018 Diary of Events



Fri 7th                          BoB Church Service, St Luke's Church, Rehearsal, 1600hrs

Sun 9th                          Battle of Britain Church Service, St Luke's Church, 0930hrs

Mon 10th                       RAFA Beat Retreat, Howard Davis Park 1845hrs

Wed 12th                       Beat Retreat and Air Crew Reception, Government House, 1730hrs

Thu 13th                         Air Display Fundraising, St Aubin's Bay

Sun 16th                        Model Air Display, Les Landes, 12 Cadets, 1230-1730hrs

Mon 17th                       Assize D'Heritage Ceremony, Royal Square, Halberdier Guard

21st-23rd                        Visit by St Alban's Shooting Team

Fri 21st                          Small-bore Shooting Competition vs St Albans School, CCFHQ, 1800hrs

Sun 23rd                        Full-bore Shooting Competition vs St Albans School, Crabbe, 0800hrs

Tue 25th                        Inter-Section Cannon Race, College Field, Lunchtime

Wed 26th                       Inter-House Tug-o-War, College Field, Lunchtime

Fri 28th                          College Founders Day Walk - No CCF                          



12th-13th                        Army Exercise, Striking Sapper, Crabbe

Sun 14th                        Pre-NCO Training Day, ATC HQ, 0930hrs

Fri 19th                          Army Shoot, Crabbe

Fri 26th                          Inter-Section Drill Competition, Quad, 1400hrs & 1530hrs



Fri 9th                            Armistice Day Assembly  

Sat 10th                       Commonwealth War Graves Visit, 0930hrs

Sat 10th                         Armistice Concert, Fort Regent

Sun 11th                        Remembrance Sunday Parade, Cenotaph, 0900hrs

Sun 11th                        Remembrance Beacon, Les Landes

Mon 19th                       OV Smallbore Shooting Competition, CCFHQ, 1830hrs

Sun 25th                        Jersey Cadet Challenge, Crabbe, 0800hrs

Fri 30th                          RAF Shoot & Night Exercise, Crabbe 

29th-2nd                          Navy Trip to Portsmouth



Tue 4th                          Le Brun Shield Shooting Competition, CCFHQ, 1830hrs

Fri 14th                          Inter-Section Orienteering Competition, Victoria College




18th-20th                        Junior Leadership Development Weekend, ATCHQ

Sat 26th                         Holocaust Memorial Service, St Helier Harbour, 1400hrs

Sun 27th                        Inter-Cadet Forces L98 Skill at Arms Competition, ATCHQ & Crabbe



Fri 1st                          Army Shoot, Crabbe

1st-3rd                            Royal Navy Training Weekend, CCFHQ

Fri 15th                        Inter-Section First Aid Competition, Victoria College

28th, 4th-7th                    House Shooting, Lunchtime



Fri 1st                            Navy Shoot & Night Exercise, Crabbe 

2nd-3rd                           Full-Bore Shooting Training Weekend, Crabbe

8th-10th                          Senior Leadership Development Weekend, ATCHQ

Mon 11th                       Commonwealth Day Flag Raising, Cenotaph, 0830hrs

Tue 12th                      CCRS Competition Shoot, CCFHQ, 1800hrs

Wed 13th                       House Shooting, Restal Cup Final, Lunchtime

Fri 15th                          RAF Shoot & Night Exercise, Crabbe 

Fri 22nd                       Army Shoot, Crabbe





Thu 2nd                         Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

3rd-5th                            Boat Show Weekend

Sun 5th                          Lt Governors Parade, Weighbridge, 1000hrs

Thu 9th                          Liberation Day Parade, 0945hrs

Thu 16th                        Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

17th-18th                        Yr9 Introduction to Living in the Field, Victoria College

Thu 23rd                        Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

24th-29th                        Adventure Training Camp, Wales

Fri 31st                          Pre-Bisley Competition, Crabbe, 0730hrs



Thu 6th                          D-Day Commemoration, Cenotaph, 1000hrs

Thu 6th                          Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

Fri 7th-8th                       Army Exercise, Stalking Sapper, Crabbe

Thu 13th                        Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

Fri 14th                          Queen's Birthday Reception, Government House, 1730hrs

Tue 18th                        L'Appel Du 18 Juin, Albert Pier, 1100hrs

Thu 20th                        Bisley Practice Afternoon, Crabbe, 1530hrs

Fri 21st                          Contingent Dinner, 1900hrs

Mon 24th                       Armed Forces Day Flag Raising, 1100hrs

Wed 26th                       Uniform to Work Day

Sat 29th                         Armed Forces Day Drill Competition, Royal Square, 0930hrs



Tue 2nd                          Awards & Yr9 Passing Out Ceremony, Great Hall, 1630hrs

Thu 11th                         Bisley Preperation

14th-18th                        Bisley Schools' Meeting

Wed 17th                       CCF - Ashburton Day, Bisley