The wide range of opportunities on offer makes Victoria College a very busy place to learn. We offer a co-ordinated Co-curricular programme. 

A wide range of activities are offered alongside our taught curriculum to enrich students' lives at Victoria College. The Co-curriculum is a central feature of a Victoria College Education, devised to inspire and engage students as well as to build a sense of community. The rich tapestry of co-curricular activities aims to allow pupils to develop new skills and to thrive beyond the classroom.

A student may thrive in outdoor activities or in conventional team sports, music or drama; we aim to find something to cultivate those talents in our co-curricular programme, whatever the level of your performance.

Our House system is very strong and provides opportunities for 'friendly' competition in the Arts (The Landick Trophy) or Sports (The Blomfield Trophy) or charity work or simply as a basis to make friends.

On this website there are many pages devoted to the co-curricular programme for you to explore…..get involved!

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