Special Educational Needs

If you think your son might need extra support with learning then please contact us as soon as possible. We will work with you and him to identify any issues and put help in place if necessary.

We have a facility called the Study Centre team, which is the base for our Speical Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Inclusion Coordinator, Wellbeing Coordinator and School Counsellor. A number of Sixth Form pupils also use the Study Centre for our Peer Mentoring and Anti-Bullying Ambassador initiatives. The Study Centre can be accessed by any boy at any time during the school day.


Our team aims to:

  • anticipate and meet the needs of pupils identified as having special educational needs or disabilities;
  • ensure that all teachers are aware of each pupil's needs and that such needs are the shared responsibility of all staff;
  • ensure all students experience a fully inclusive education; and
  • help all children learn the social, emotional and behavioral skills they need in order to sustain positive relationships with others.
  • implement good practice and work in line with current Education Department policies;


 Role of SENCO - Mrs Orla Priestly

  • SEN Academic - coordinating the provision for boys with Specific Learning Difficulties (SPLd).
  • Coordinating the provision for boys with Complex Visual or Physical Needs.
  • HPL - High Potential Learners - coordinating provision and identification of boys with high potential learning.

Email:  o.priestley @vcj.sch.je


Role of Inclusion Coordinator - Mrs Sue Watkins

  • To coordinate provision for boys with Mental Health, Social, Emotional, Wellbeing and Behavioural needs.
  • To work closely with parents staff and outside agencies to support the inclusion for all.
  • To ensure provision is made to support boys who may have an attendance or punctuality problem or are missing school on short term medical grounds.

Email:  s.watkins@vcj.sch.je


Testing and Access Arrangements:

  • To find out how a boy learns best to ensure progress is achieved at Victoria College.
  • To ensure appropriate Access Arrangements are put in place for internal and external examinations.
  • To receive help and support with  study skills and revision techniques, together with appropriate understanding of the impact stress and other variables can have on 'how well a boy performs' in examination conditions.

To contact Mrs Watkins email:  s.watkins@vcj.sch.je