Psychology has become a very popular subject and currently ranks as the 4th most studied A level subject within the UK. Psychology is essentially the study of behaviours, emotions and thoughts, it emphasises how the processes operating inside of our brains as well as cultural constraints and expectations are so vitally important to what we do, think and feel. Psychology is a science that has very much come of age in the 21st Century.  The subject offers a unique educational experience to develop a distinctive and broad set of skills as it attempts to explain and understand aspects of human behaviour and cognition in a scientific rather than speculative manner. It is a fresh subject that is taught in a modern way. The OCR examination board specification provides students with exciting opportunities to develop a wide-ranging set of key skills, including enabling them to communicate effectively using appropriate language, to interpret and critically assess scientific data and to research and critically evaluate a range of sources. The specifications also encourage the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills.

Psychology is suitable for students with no formal prior experience of the subject.   We aim to capture the natural interest and inspire learning while at the same time developing understanding and knowledge at an Advanced level in preparation for higher education.
In Year 13 students are offered the opportunity to learn about applied areas of psychology in chosen areas of interest, for example forensic and sport psychology.

By the end of the course, students will have a wide knowledge of psychology; will have developed a sound understanding of the issues, debates and perspectives in psychology, and an awareness of how to apply psychology to their everyday life and the world around them. 

If you require any further information please speak to Mr Carolan, Head of Psychology