Modern Languages

The French and Spanish Departments aim to give enjoyment and intellectual challenge. We have a team of enthusiastic and committed teachers. Of course we want students to reach their full potential in their examinations; however, we also want to help them learn a language that they will be confident to use when visiting a French or Spanish speaking country. All students in Year 7 at Victoria College study French and in Years 8 and 9 all also study Spanish. They must study at least one modern language to GCSE level, many take two languages.

At all levels, students are encouraged to further their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the people and the culture of the language they are studying. This is achieved through regular contact with our native-speaking language assistants, subscription to foreign magazines, frequent use of our extensive audio and DVD libraries, pen pals, exchanges, school trips and the increasing use of on-line materials and ICT. We are currently exploring the use of video conferencing with a school in France and would hope to extend this further.