The Geography Department supports the College aims and believes that it has the opportunity to reinforce them through the teaching of Geography. In particular the Geography Department aims to give all students the opportunity to:-

1.      Acquire the knowledge and understanding of a range of places and environments at a range of scales from local to global,

2.      Understand the physical and human processes that create the world in which we live,

3.      Develop a sense of place and an understanding of the opportunities, challenges and constraints that face different people in different places,

4.      Develop an appreciation of the environment and an awareness of how people and environments interact,

5.      Appreciate that the world is constantly changing and to realise that we are all part of these changes,

6.      Acquire skills and techniques that enable them to find out for themselves about physical and human environments,

7.      Develop the ability to think logically and to evaluate objectively geographical data and issues.