Design and Technology

This department is recognised as growing into a very successful, imaginative and lively organisation. The staff work closely together in discussing schemes of work and each member of the department is encouraged to develop their own project ideas and teaching methods. We communicate ideas constantly, which stimulate innovation and variety in teaching methods.

A high standard of achievement is expected as the students are very able and rise to interesting challenges. We emphasise the design process as a common theme in all subject areas and hence find that the pupils develop a thorough understanding of the whole product development from initial need identification through to final evaluation.

The department actively supports many of the activities in the school. We take part in competitions if they are valuable learning experiences. Making links with the community whenever possible. We consider visits outside school to museums, design centres, industry and business very important.We are also extending links with Victoria College Preparatory Schools by starting this year to work with teachers on projects where our facilities can help us jointly deliver practical technology to younger students.