The aim of the Biology Department at Victoria College is to nurture and encourage students into developing a strong understanding of, and an appreciation and interest in the science of life. The courses offered cover a wide array of biological topics from global ecological and environmental issues through whole organism anatomy and physiology to cellular mechanisms and biological molecules. All are encouraged to relate what they are taught to current biological issues and also to the other sciences. In this way the students develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of science and the relevance it has to our every day life.
All students are taught Biology to GCSE in three well equipped laboratories by three highly qualified Biologists. These laboratories are serviced by the Science technicians. Biology is a very popular option post GCSE have gained superb results in past years.

Being a practical subject a large proportion of the course is taught through experimental work. This helps students develop an understanding of scientific method, bringing with it skills which are transferable to many other situations. ICT is widely used in Biology, for tasks such as data logging, data analysis and in the delivery of lessons. The department annually undertakes field work, visiting various ecosystems; including rocky shores as well as utilising the natural environment of the local surroundings on the island of Jersey.

We hope that by the end of his studies in Biology, each student will have enjoyed the experience, have an understanding of the many important biological issues facing the world today and be able use the knowledge and skills learnt in the many careers this subject supports.