Academic Head of Year

Maintaining good academic progress is important, and every boy is closely monitored by a tutor as well as an Academic Head of Year.

At Victoria College students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education and be committed to achieve their potential whatever their ability. However we recognize that this will happen at different times according to the maturity and motivation of the individual student. The Academic Head of Year works with the Form Tutors and is responsible for nurturing the academic progress and development of students. The learning focus for all Form Tutors is to:

  • Monitor student progress

  • Monitor student learning behaviour

  • Set academic targets

  • Review targets set

The Academic Head of Year has overall responsibility for their Year group and will work with the Form Tutors in that Year. Their aim will be to:

  • Raise expectations and instil confidence in students

  • Improve individual performance

  • Keep students and parents informed about progress and anticipated grades

  • Identify and support underachievers and borderline students

Current Academic Heads of Year are:

Mrs L Ogg - Year 7


Miss J Bryan - Year 8


Mrs O Priestley - Year 9


Mr B Carolan - Year 10 and 11


Mr D Payne - Years 12 and 13