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Admissions Policy


Victoria College Preparatory School is a selective boys' fee-paying school catering for students aged 7-11. Admission to the Preparatory School in year 3 is by means of an assessment procedure in late January for entry the following September.

Pupils seeking entry into year groups other than Year 3 will undergo a similar procedure but the test materials will be age appropriate.

 Victoria College Preparatory School does not admit pupils during Year 6 unless requested by the Headteacher of Victoria College as VCP pupils' transition procedure depends on assessments gathered during the previous years. 

The Headteacher of Victoria College Preparatory School can offer up to 75 places in any one year group if specific standards are met.

 1.Entrance Procedure - Internal Candidates (pupils from Jersey College Preparatory School)

Admission to Victoria College Preparatory School from Jersey College Preparatory School will be through a process of continual assessment and close co-operation and liaison between the two schools.

The expectation for pupils wishing to progress toVCPis that they reach national age-related expectations in mathematics and English by the end of KS1, with a good record of attendance, behaviour and motivation.  Good parental support is expected at all times.

Due to the successful ongoing close relationship and co-operation between the two schools, all boys in Year 2 at Jersey College Prep will be offered a place at VCP whether or not they reach the expected level.

2. Entrance Procedure - External Candidates

The 7+ entry procedure for external candidates consists of the following but is subject to change:-

Non-verbal Reasoning Test

Reading Test

Independent piece of writing

Mathematics test

Report from current school

The first four aspects of the procedure are generally conducted internally atVictoria College Preparatory School under test conditions, though it is possible, but not encouraged, to have them administered by the current school for off-island candidates.

Report from Feeder Schools:

A report for each boy seeking admission will be sought from his current school. 

Victoria College Preparatory School aims to educate boys who have a commitment to their work and will benefit from the ethos operating at the school.  For the benefit of all boys at Victoria College Preparatory School, therefore, those who have a poor attendance, behaviour or motivation record will not be considered for a place.  Good parental support is expected at all times.

The previous academic achievement of each boy will be taken into consideration.  Attainment against age-related National Curriculum standards, standardised scores, along with any other data collected by their school will be requested and considered. 

Following the 7+ test, external candidates will be offered a place if they meet the academic requirements.  If there are more successful applicants than places available, then priority will be given to those considered to have the strongest attainment.  

It should be noted that admission to VCP does not guarantee later progression to Victoria College. VCP boys do not have to sit the 11+ entrance exam that external candidates must sit, but they still must attain a set academic standard in order to progress as assessed during their time at VCP. Please see the Victoria College admissions policy for further details.







3.Waiting List and Re-sit Candidates


Boys who fail the entrance test will have the opportunity to re-apply should there be a space available on the waiting list, but not normally until a period of twelve months has elapsed.


A waiting list is open for each year group for up to a maximum of eight pupils.


Should a place become available, all pupils on the relevant waiting list will be considered for entry. Those who have been tested in the recent past will have that test result used for consideration, and any boy who does not have a recent result will sit a test in order to allow comparison. The place will be allocated to the boy who is judged to have performed most strongly by the Headteacher and satisfies all other aforementioned criteria.


Boys who are deemed not to have met the standard required for entry to VCP in this test, and any boy who declines the available place (if it is offered to him) will be removed from the waiting list.


If the waiting list drops below eight, boys may join the waiting list to replace those who have been removed.


This policy applies only to entry for Years 3, 4 & 5.  Entry into Year 6 will only be on the recommendation of the Headteacher of Victoria College.


Bursary Information

A range of bursaries are available to support students to pursue their education at Victoria College Preparatory School, but who could not do so without financial assistance.   Bursaries are available to Victoria College Preparatory School students through the following schemes:



VC and VCP Bursary Fund

This supports students who would find financial difficulty in continuing to attend Victoria College or Victoria College Preparatory School. This Fund is under the control of the Board of Governors who will, depending on circumstances, offer assistance for full or partial fees.


The Foundation Bursary

This bursary was set up by The Victoria College Foundation in September 2015 to ensure that talented and deserving students have the opportunity to pursue their education at Victoria College Preparatory School and Victoria College. The assistance is available to those families who would otherwise experience hardship if they were to attempt to fully finance their son's education.



Once an offer of a place at Victoria College Preparatory School has been made, applications for financial support will be considered.  If you would like to apply for a bursary, the form below should be completed and returned with all necessary documentation to the attention of:


Mrs Emily Oldridge

Victoria College

Le Mont Millais

St Helier



It will be at the discretion of The Trustees as to how much financial support can be provided in any one financial year, whether this is partial or in full support for that academic year.  Bursaries will be awarded each year to the families who are most in need, which will be decided by the Headmaster of Victoria College, the Headteacher of Victoria College Preparatory School and the Chairman of Trustees for The Victoria College Foundation.


If you are interested in applying for a bursary or require any further information, please contact Mrs Emily Oldridge on 01534 638217 or email

Last revised September 2017