Victoria College Prep. School implemented the 2014 science curriculum over the academic year 2014-2015. The 2014 science curriculum is taught for the most part in the relevant year groups but, following a staff meeting discussion where it was felt strongly that better curriculum links would be made by teaching some of the objectives in other year groups, these changes have been made. See attached curriculum for specific changes.

Science may be taught in regularly timetabled slots, as science afternoons, days or weeks. A cross-curricular approach in teaching science is encouraged.



A broad and balanced science education is the entitlement of all children.


The aims in teaching science at VCP include: -


  • Providing children with an enjoyable experience of science so that they will develop a lasting interest and be motivated to study science further. (Aspire)
  • Teaching science in context and making relevant links with other curriculum subjects.
  • Providing engaging and interesting experiences through visits out and inviting visitors into the school.
  • Helping children to acquire practical scientific skills and giving children the experience of scientific processes.
  • Building on children's natural curiosity and developing a scientific approach to problems.
  • Helping children acquire a progressive understanding of scientific ideas.
  • Encouraging resourcefulness and resilience.
  • Preparing children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
  • Building children's self confidence to enable them to work independently and developing their respect and social skills to work co-operatively with others.


Teaching strategies and planning


Pupils are taught in their class groups. They should be provided with opportunities to work individually, co-operatively in small groups, in mixed ability groups, similar ability groups, friendship groups and as a whole class.


Planning should occur in year groups and all teachers of science for that year group should be consulted when writing of MTPs for science, thus ensuring a uniformity of approach when teaching.



Science in the Curriculum (2014) comprises four areas: 

Working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics.


It is essential to consider breadth and balance of science throughout each year group and across the key stage. 


'Working scientifically' should be integral to all science teaching and children need to be taught about experimental and investigative methods where appropriate throughout each unit of work.


The 'Working scientifically' focus should be included in medium term plans where relevant and it should be ensured that the teaching of this occurs at a level appropriate to the boys' individual learning.