Humanities at Victoria College Prep includes History, Geography and Religious Education. We aim to use a creative curriculum when appropriate which will offer children the opportunity to study their topics through more cross curricular planning and activities.  It is important to create a more personalised curriculum incorporating key life skills that could transfer into life long learning skills. By improving the use of the local area and increasing out of classroom learning experiences children's motivation levels and depth of learning will be increased and they will be offered an element of choice in their learning-both in content and methods of presentation.


Curriculum Content and Timetabling

Humanities is timetabled for 4 periods per week throughout the year. Each individual area of Humanities should be equally covered over the year but each teacher may be flexible with the timetabling of this. It is recommended to focus on one area per term although some topics may cover more than one area of Humanities. A cross-curricular approach is strongly encouraged as this will allow more in-depth study.

The Jersey Curriculum is followed for the main topics in each year but each year group is also encouraged to use local and global events as and when they occur to supplement the subjects.