2014 Citizenship & Co-Curricular Award Winners

(Photo: Clive Barton MBE Chair of Governors and Tim Childe of Quilter Cheviot Investment Management present Henry Job with his medal for The Victoria Citizenship Award)

First Winners of The Victoria Citizenship Award &

The Victoria College Co-Curricular Awards are Announced

Co -Curricular Winners(Photo: First winners of The Victoria College Co-Curricular Awards are announced)

After a week of celebration the Founders' Week programme came to a fitting close on Sunday 28 September amidst cannon races, a re-enactment of the opening of Victoria College in 1852, and a ceremony in the Great Hall.

The first ever winner of The Victoria Citizenship Award was revealed during the ceremony as Henry Job, who was in Year 13 at the time of application and is now at University studying to be a Primary School Teacher.

Henry showed a great sense of responsibility towards others and a passion to help people. He also took on a life-changing experience by travelling to Ghana where he spent a month volunteering to help children less fortunate to gain an education through the Maame Mary Foundation. Henry commented about the award,

"This new award is fantastic for students at college because it gives recognition to students who possibly go unrecognized for their commitment to our community outside of school. I feel that my time at Victoria College has shaped me and so many other boys into good citizens through an amazing educational environment, strong house spirit and an incredible ethos. To be the first winner of this prize is a massive honour."

The Victoria College Co-Curricular Awards will have a winner for 3 different age categories each year: Senior, Colt and Junior. Each winner is given a £150 voucher for the IQ Apple Store and a Co-Curricular Tie. This year's winners are:

  • Senior - Jacques Brangeon, Year 12
  • Colt - Pierre Sangan, Year 10
  • Junior - Morgan Gregory, Year 9

The Victoria Citizenship Award & The Victoria College Co-Curricular Awards have been created in recognition of leadership, personal challenge, and work in the community and are open to boys across the school.

Moore Stephens and Quilter Cheviot Investment Management are generously providing a number of prizes which culminate in the top award for the first Victoria Citizen of a gold medal and cash prize of £500 - to be split between the student and his chosen charity. There are also three main prizes for the Junior, Colt and Senior categories for The Victoria College Co-Curricular Awards, and an Honours Board will be on display in the main building.

Clive Barton MBE, Senior Partner of Moore Stephens and Chairman of the Board of Governors of Victoria College,

"These awards are important because they celebrate the personal endeavours of students outside of the curriculum and in their spare time, which hasn't been recognised before amidst everything else that we celebrate so well at College."

Tim Childe, Head of Jersey Office, Quilter Cheviot Investment Management,

"I have found the whole process to be very rich and rewarding and I am proud to be involved. Students have applied from across the school for both sets of awards and although there can only be one winner for The Citizenship Award there will be a number of awards presented for Co-Curricular achievements.