School life

Greater freedom, greater responsibilities

As a Sixth Form student at Victoria College, we understand and respect that you’re ready to be more independent and trusted. We therefore offer our Sixth Form students greater liberties and privileges. Sixth Formers can wear their own choice of business suit and benefit from the use of their own Sixth Form Learning Centre and spacious common room area.

In turn, we naturally expect you to exercise greater responsibility in terms of your study and school life. This means being independently motivated and very much assuming the driving seat in your learning – with our support, of course.

Sixth Formers set the standard for the school – you are seen as prominent role models by our younger students – so there are also more opportunities for you to play a positive and active role in College activities, often in leadership roles that can help you develop valuable skills.

Years 12 and 13 are an important transition time as you move towards university or work. We give you the chance to be more than just another school student; you could take on the role of School or House Prefect, representing Victoria College and helping to run school events and competitions. You could lead in sport or the Combined Cadet Forces or you could help in a more pastoral role as a Peer Mentor or Peer Educator. If you’re interested in excelling in specific subjects, you could also develop leadership skills by assisting the teaching staff in delivering academic enrichment activities or less formal societies and clubs.

Whatever your interest, we will help you develop personally as well as academically in preparing you for the future. All these roles allow you to learn more about yourself and develop the people or soft skills highly valued by employers and universities.

As a Sixth Former, Victoria College offers you a truly enhanced educational experience, where you’re encouraged and supported to take up all learning and leadership opportunities on offer – gathering great experiences, building friendships and building yourself a successful future.


Our Prefects


In the Sixth Form, you can apply to become a Prefect. In this unique position, you are a highly visible role model for all the students in the school and will represent Victoria College. Prefects have the privilege of wearing the traditional ceremonial robes to official school events and when escorting distinguished guests.

The Prefects’ main duty is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly co-operation, peace, discipline and unity in the school. They are expected to model the school values and are trusted and respected. They are often sought for input and assistance by the Senior Leadership Team to help organise and represent the student body.

Our Head Prefect (Head Boy) Sam and our Deputy Head Boy, Tanguy heads up the House Prefects:

  • Braithwaite: Myles Byron, Charles Cadin, Jordan Khawaja (Head of House)
    and Matthew Mourant
  • Bruce: Xavier Barette (Head of House), Isaac du Val and Columba Morling
  • Diarmid: Scott Douglas, Ben Hamilton (Head of House), Ben le Gallais, Sam Moore (Head Boy) and Rhys Thomas
  • Dunlop: Tanguy Billet-Masters (Deputy Head Boy), Max Corbett (Head of House), Myles Dryland, Thomas Heelis (Sports Prefect) and Christopher Stride
  • Sartorius: Thomas Boarer (Head of House), Thomas Eva and Ben Stewart

Head Prefect 2018/19 Oscar says:

‘My journey started when I joined in Year 7 from another primary school, and when I first came here I could not have imagined I would be Head Prefect one day.'

Head Boy 2018/19, Oscar says: ‘In Year 7, I moved to a whole new school system and naturally had to make new friends. This was always going to be daunting but looking back at it, the support of the teachers and the numerous activities with other students made it easier than expected to settle in. I think what really helped was the House system. This makes it easy for boys to work with others from the very start and immediately sets off conversations and enables everyone to mix.

‘Being a proud Bruce member, I often got involved in all the House events which are always a great opportunity to socialise with the older students or to just have fun doing activities with your friends.

Although I am extremely sporty, my favourite House event is, in fact, house music which brings together all age groups and ranges of talent - some of which is extremely impressive. The atmosphere on the night is incredible and the respect for one another whilst performing is inspiring. It makes the night almost magical. As a Year 7, I always looked forward to these events which made college life more exciting. I still enjoy them to this day.

‘Having participated in almost every sport possible, I can confirm that the opportunities here are superb. They enabled me to flourish, particularly in football, but have given me a chance to play sports that I wouldn't usually have tried - like hockey. There are also a huge number of co-curricular activities that cater for most hobbies. The arts, drama and design technology departments

are all impressive with brilliant teachers encouraging the students to show off their creative flair. Victoria College can help to forge any student into the person they aspire to be.‘All these experiences have shaped me for this final year in which I am studying maths, economics and geography. I hope to study economics and management at university. Without the support of the school, I genuinely don't think this would have been possible and I am extremely grateful for the memories and friends that I have made.

‘Ultimately, every student has to choose the school that suits them best as it's about your own experience. However, after seven fantastic years at Victoria College, I can certainly recommend this one.’

Deputy Head Boy 2018/19, Prefect Angus adds: ‘I've been at Victoria College since Year 3 at Prep and have really enjoyed my time here. There have been so many opportunities. I've played rugby throughout the senior school, was in the maths challenge teams and am currently doing A levels in maths, chemistry, economics and further maths. I'm planning to go to university, probably to study economics. The school has given me a lot of life skills, especially as a Sixth Former and Deputy Head Boy. I've met a wide range of people and have definitely developed stronger communication skills because of my role. Everything is about communications skills at Victoria College. It's a really inclusive place and very friendly. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would recommend it.













The House system

Our five Houses – Braithwaite, Bruce, Diarmid, Dunlop and Sartorius – are named after Old Victorians who served in the world wars and were honoured with the Victoria Cross for distinguished military service.

Today, the House system continues traditions that promote teamwork, leadership opportunities, competition, celebration and community. Boys from all year groups mix in the House rooms and get to know one another as they put together House teams for events.  

The Housemasters are pivotal in the success of this aspect of College life. They coordinate House activities including volunteering and competitions in sport, music, drama and other areas.



The Housemaster is responsible for:

  • The development of a culture of celebration and achievement
  • The enhancement of a House spirit and "can-do" culture
  • The smooth running of the weekly House Assembly
  • Supporting the allocation of House Tutors with the Assistant Head - Pastoral
  • The organisation of all House events
  • Attendance at and support of House events
  • Maintaining high standards of behaviour within the House and school
  • Annual House charity events

The Housemasters are:

  • Braithwaite: Tom Smith, Teacher of Physics
  • Bruce: Joe Crill, Teacher of Sport
  • Diarmid: David Cox, Teacher of Biology
  • Dunlop: Sam Coe, Teacher of Chemistry
  • Sartorius: Andy Royle, Teacher of Sport

The Tutor system

Each year group has five classes, each with a dedicated Form Tutor who monitors the academic progress, behaviour and welfare of each student. This teacher is the main point of contact for the boys in his class and sees them twice a day for registration. They are also the first and central point of contact for parents and other staff.







Year 12

Ms D Montgomery

Mr R Picot 

Miss M Adams
Mr M Widdop
Dr S Cooke
Year 13 Mrs L De Gruchy
Ms O Varney
Mr D McNally
Mr J Randles
Dr J Richardson

Student Council

We encourage our students to participate fully in their school life and community. The Student Council allows boys to have their voices heard, to explore issues and solutions and make a meaningful contribution to the development and direction of their school.

At the start of the academic year, each form group or class elects a Form Rep whose role is to represent the views of their peers at House Council meetings and Whole School Council meetings. School Council representatives also take their proposals to the Headmaster and the Senior Leadership Team, so this role provides valuable leadership experience for the boys.

Contact: Tom Fallon - School Council Coordinator

Bistro Victoria

A healthy, nutritious diet is essential for growing and active young people. Bistro Victoria provides hot and cold meals and light refreshment to the staff and students of Victoria College and our Preparatory School. Bistro Victoria is managed by Capsicum Contract Catering, part of JP Restaurants Ltd. Parents can pre-order meals online from a set menu, as well as purchase and load up Wisepay smart cards for College boys to choose and pay for their own food and drink on the day.

For Bistro and food related queries, contact: Anthony Lister, General Manager - Capsicum Catering on 07797 710 594, or email: anthony@jprestaurants

Flags and ties

Our flags and unique ties add to the sense of community here and the spirit of healthy inter-House competition.

The House flag flying proudly on the east tower of the main College building celebrates something different and special each month:

  • September - Winner of the Blomfield Trophy
  • October - Winner of the Knight's Shield
  • November - Winner of House Drama
  • December - House that raised the most funds for their House charity during the previous academic year
  • January - House with the most reward points in the Autumn term
  • February - Leading House in the Blomfield (as at 31 January)
  • March - Winner of House Music
  • April - Winner of House Art
  • May - Overall winner of the Cross Country
  • June - Winner of the Landick Cup
  • July - Newly appointed Head Boy's House
  • August - Winner of Sports Day

Award Ties

The following ties are awarded to boys who go the extra mile and stand out in specific areas:

  • Ten Clubs: For students who gain 10 or more A or A* grades in their GCSE
  • Arts Colours: For contribution to the artistic life of the College
  • Music Colours: For contribution to the musical life of the College
  • Junior Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 7 and 8 College sport
  • Colts Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 9 and 10 College sport
  • Senior Sports Colours: For team commitment or outstanding performance in Years 11-13 College sport
  • Co-curricular Colours: For showing leadership, personal endeavour and work in the community, outside the curriculum or in the student's own time
  • Braithwaite/ Bruce/ Diarmid/ Dunlop and Sartorius Colours: For significant contribution to the life of their House in Years 11-13