Building successful careers

Our Careers learning programme and guidance service enables students to look forward to a bright future beyond college, with confidence. We achieve this by:

  • Having a dedicated careers expert who knows each student’s evolving interests, skills and strengths well enough to help him identify the most suitable career paths and options.
  • Developing career awareness as early as Year 7 through various projects that include fun, team-based activities such as the Channel Islands Student Business Challenge as well as the more professional, individual skills training for our older students, including  one-to-one interviews with employers, CV preparation and so on. 
  • Offering our Year 12 students weekly, careers-dedicated lessons
  • Offering our Year 13 students one-to-one careers coaching with our Head of Careers, who will guide them through the options, applications and documentation needed for higher education (see below) and in the workplace. 
  • Fostering close links with our corporate Foundation Partners via our Foundation Partners Engagement Calendar of Events, who support our students throughout school by presenting talks on specific industries or careers, graduate opportunities, bursaries, traineeships and more. We are fortunate to count among our Foundation Partners many Old Victorians, from senior leaders to more recent graduates. Collectively they are able to offer career advice to current students and future graduates, sometimes mentoring opportunities and access to a worldwide network in just about every industry or field. Find out more about our valued Foundations Partners.

For any careers or higher education queries, contact Head of Careers, Suzanne Job:

Higher education

Victoria College has a strong track record of securing for our students their first choice university, which tend to include some of the most respected establishments such as Oxbridge, Russell Group institutions and universities abroad. For your university application, you may need our school’s UCAS Qualification Statement.

In 2018, almost two-thirds of our graduates went on to study at a Times Top 50 university, which includes approximately one-third headed for Russell Group universities, 

Sixth Form students and parents will be briefed on how to prepare for university applications during the Spring term of Year 12. The timeline below provides a general guide of what you to expect and when.

Higher education timeline for Sixth Formers




Higher Education presentation by Head of Sixth Form

Identification of ‘highly competitive’ applications group

Discussion group with JCG. Bookings required


Pre-public exams (mock exams) – predicted grades


Research/ choices/ statement on Unifrog in careers sessions

Individual discussions with tutors about options: Aspirational

Drop-in UCAS advice on Tuesday Period 1 and Wednesday Period 3 available


Review of exam results undertaken by Head of Sixth Form and Headmaster

Official UCAS login open 


Staff writing testimonials on you in your subjects

Serious consideration of course choice and which universities


Submit personal statement via Unifrog for review by staff


Work experience/ independent reading/ research/ exam prep




Predicted grades being done by staff

Review of options with tutors: Realistic

Russell Group references being written by tutors/ extra work submitted to specific institutions

Preparation by students for the BMAT/ LNAT/ HAT/ PAT


Early applicant official deadline (Oxbridge, Russell Group, etc.)

All references being written by tutors for remaining applicants


Extra exams taken by students for specific universities

All applications due for submission to UCAS