The Old Victorians Cricket Club (with the generous sponsorship of Rathbone Investment Management) have traditionally run 2 successful sides in the local weekend cricket leagues.

We also have a more social Evening League side playing once, sometimes twice a week.  

Whilst the emphasis for the Premiership side is on high-quality cricket, the Rathbone OV Reserves look to provide a link between up-and-coming schoolboys (the "new OVs") and some highly experienced campaigners.   

The Evening League side aims to put out a social team, and all get a fair opportunity to perform.

For further information on how to get involved with OV cricket, please contact Ollie Hughes on"


Rathbones Old Victorians ran two teams in the NatWest weekend Cricket League as well as an Evening League team.

The season was a transitional one for the 1st XI team as the highly decorated older guard shuffled closer to permanent retirement and some exciting new talent started to show their promise.   The well organised and committed Farmers 1st XI won the Premier League competition again with OVs finishing mid table.  However, special mention should be made of performances by the new skipper, Corey Bisson, the ever reliable vice-captain Sam Dewhurst and a battery of young new stars namely Harris, Duckett and Warner, amongst others.  Club and Island team legend Tom Minty stepped down after two successful years at the helm but will continue to open the bowling, roam around the batting order and provide counsel to the younger lads on the pitch and in the bar(s) post matches.  The energetic and big hitting Alex Noel also leaves the club following his move to London, having played a huge role over the past four seasons.

Rathbones OV Reserves had a very successful season winning the Senior Cup T20 competition.  The stand out performance was from the team generally but the venerable Ward Jenner scored 86 and took six wickets for 18 runs in the semi-final, setting up Richard Streets' 65 and Andy Brown's six wicket match winning spell in the final.  The team ended mid table in the 40/40 league and with, amongst others, Jamie Clayton, Jack Ingle and the very talented Zach Pallot in the side, a Reserve league win is on the horizon.  Mention should also be made of Elliot Powell and Matt Smith who have continued to develop the strong club and school link.