Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Students in the Sixth Form at Victoria College are given extensive freedom. In turn, they are expected to exercise significant responsibility. In particular, students embarking on the Sixth Form curriculum need to recognise that they need to be independently motivated, with pupils taking increasing responsibility for their own studies. Students entering the Sixth Form are expected to show evidence of a commitment to study. 

Sixth Formers set standards for the remainder of the School and in many respects are seen as role models by junior students. Sixth Formers are expected to play a positive and influential role. Their importance is reflected in the provision of their own accommodation, which includes a Sixth Form Learning Resources Centre and a large common room area. The House and Prefectorial systems provide opportunities to assume leadership roles.

In addition, Sixth Form life also aids students in their personal development, preparing them for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences. Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in an academic sphere through assisting staff in the provision of academic enrichment, or in pastoral support of younger pupils through peer mentoring. In addition, the extra-curricular opportunities in sport, music, drama and the Combined Cadet Force all give pupils the opportunity to develop much vaunted soft skills.

School Prefects 2018/19

Head Prefect: Oscar Le Seelleur
Deputy Head Prefect: Angus Hay