The Sixth Form curriculum offers the opportunity for pupils to engage with subjects to a much greater level of depth, providing an atmosphere for learning in which challenge and perseverance are the norm.

The subjects on offer are:





Further Mathematics

English Literature

English Language and Literature







Business Studies


Design Technology


Physical Education

Computer Science

Drama and Theatre Studies

Media Studies





With effect from September 2017 we have taken the decision that all students will study linear A level courses. As such, all courses will run as two-year, linear A levels, with no option to default to AS in the summer of Year 12. All students will be expected to study three A level subjects. In addition, pupils are able to choose a fourth subject from a range of other courses. This might be a fourth full A level, a standalone AS level qualification, the Extended Project Qualification or supervised study to assist in the realisation of potential.

The benefits of this curriculum decision are as follows:

  • Support the transition to new, rigorous A levels
  • Assist our pupils in maximising their attainment
  • Increase teaching time/reduce study leave
  • All teaching will be focused on Year 13 modes assessment


There will be rigorous internal examinations in the summer of Year 12. To qualify automatically to continue a subject to A2 level, a student will be required to achieve grade C or better in that subject. Progress into Year 13 in a given subject from a grade lower than a C will be subject to negotiation and is not guaranteed. Continuing with a subject in which grade C or below has been achieved, in preference to one in which a higher grade has been achieved, will not normally be permitted.

Parents and pupils should appreciate that the final decisions regarding admission to and continued attendance in the Sixth Form and the particular courses offered each year are at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Choosing courses

In moving to a curriculum in which it is anticipated that most boys will opt for three A levels only, the matter of course choice is all the more important, as there will not be the flexibility to drop a subject at the end of Year 12. In general terms, the boys should choose subjects that they will enjoy, as studying a course which they are not interested in is demoralising and it will be difficult to do well. Sixth Form learning is about being stimulated and, if the work is enjoyed, pupils are more likely to get a good grade.

Accordingly, the boys should take time to think carefully about their interests and skills, and about possible directions after A levels. When making A level choices it is important that the boys choose subjects which will fit in with their career plans. Some career or degree choices require particular A level subjects, so they should take particular care when choosing course, and check carefully against their proposed course/destinations, especially for medical courses and engineering. Some popular courses at competitive universities have very specific criteria for entry, and this includes A level subject choice. The boys must build an academic profile which is suited to the future academic or professional paths that you wish to follow.