Sartorius and Rathbones

Rathbones is committed to supporting Victoria College and the Foundation through the sponsorship of Sartorious House, various team sports, the economics curriculum and students' personal financial awareness.


Economics retains its relevance as a core discipline used to address diverse issues across business and society. As the world becomes increasingly complex we are pleased to partner with educational establishments to support student development and equip the next generation with the tools required for the financial decisions they will have to make in the future.

We are therefore very proud to be supporting the Foundation and College with our skills and insight.

We offer world-class investment management on your doorstep

The award winning* Rathbones Jersey team can provide you with world-class personal investment management close to your home. Our Jersey team:

  • is very experienced in managing personal wealth and appreciates what it means to you
  • begins by understanding your circumstances, what is important to you and what you want your money to achieve
  • takes an individual approach to your investments and will design an investment portfolio to meet your specific requirements
  • will build a relationship with you that benefits from the expertise and stability of the wider Rathbones team.

Secure your future with a forward-looking investment approach

Our approach to investment focuses on securing your future so that you can enjoy your life today. Whether you are making plans for yourself or looking to pass money on from one generation to the next, we are here to help you. We take a holistic approach to understanding your wealth to support your plans for the future.

Our wider team

Rathbones started in 1742 as a family business and is now a FTSE 250-listed company. We are one of the UK's leading investment managers, managing more than £27.6 billion for our clients. We continue to move with the times, blending new ideas and the latest technology with our investment experience and commitment to providing the highest standards of service.

A direct connection with the person responsible for your investments

Whether you are investing your own money, a charity's or through an adviser, we believe you should have a direct relationship with your investment manager who will understand your specific circumstances and requirements, and build and manage an investment portfolio for you. They will be supported by the teams and systems we have invested in to get the best results for you.

Whatever your investment objectives and circumstances, talk to us here in Jersey. And then look forward to a financial future that is in safe hands.

* Citywealth IFC Investment Management Company of the Year 2014. Retained 2015.

Contact details

Jonathan GilesJonathan Giles
Managing Director

01534 740501